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    I have a client site that the backend is all out of sorts… I have tried upgrading to the latest version and I have deactivated the plugins. Is there something else I could try? Everything is in a straight line and when you click on posts for example it looks like nothing is happening, but when you scroll down the information is displayed at the bottom of the page, but the formatting is gone and my Xml-rpc is what clued me in that there was a problem. That is receiving an error also. The actual site itself is displaying ok. Any ideas??



    I had a very similar issue where the back end was filled with….PHP code when I searched for plug in but once you scrolled to the bottom of the page it looked normal. Turned out to be a plugin itself. Once I uninstalled it everything was OK.


    Rev. Voodoo

    Just on the backend eh? You’ve tried switching themes, and ensuring the plugins are all deactivated? Including an ftp reset of the folder?
    Sometimes an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.
    After that you can view your source code of your admin panel from inside the browser. Check to make sure
    I see you’ve tried a reinstall so that’s good. I would view the admin panel source code through the browser to check the URLs of your loading assets (css and js), make sure the URLs are properly formed, they may just not be loading.

    The admin panel can also go wonky as the result of a hack, that can be harder to detect, but running your site’s URL at can be useful.

    What you have sounds like a js conflict thoough, whcih usually happens if a plugin or theme tries to load a different jQuery.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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