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    I am trying to look for a more flexible theme to allow me to change the size of the header and footer (not just the width). I could not find one that has a smaller header.
    Theme eleven is currently showing on my site. How can I get into php to set my own size? I am not a programmer, but I know a little bit of html.


    Rev. Voodoo

    You want to adjust the size of the 2011 theme that comes with WordPress? It’s not too hard. BUt, the first thing you need to do is make a child theme. I explain that all here :

    Once you have a child theme in place, you can follow along here:


    Thanks for the suggestions!
    When I work on my theme and install plug in, are those codes and set up files stored in my computer or in WP (my blog)? In a few days, I am going to use another dedicated computer for local backend working storage, and don’t want to run into problem to copy files.


    Rev. Voodoo

    Well, they need to end up on your blog. What you can do, and this is how I do it, is install WP on a local server on your computer. There are a bunch of different software packages available, such as WAMP (for windows), XAMPP (for all I think), LAMP (for Linux), and MAMP (for macs). I am only familiar with wampserver. It installs like any other program, and once set up, you have a private server ready to go on your computer. You can install WordPress, and do all sorts of development there (there are lots of tutorials for installg wordpress on localhost on google). Once you have a theme set up just how you want it, you can then move all the files to your live WP blog online.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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