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    Hey Rev,

    Well, I’m back and still working on the same site. Well, I’ve taken a bit of a break from it and come back to it after the client took a long break away. So, next step was to try out some different colour schemes and see how they looked. All was going well until I tried to modify the menu bar.

    Now, I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve read that in WordPress there is a CSS ‘cleaner’ which removes what it believes to be ‘extra’ bits of CSS from the stylesheet. However, you will know that the menu bar in Twenty Eleven uses many calls of ‘background’ for the different browser types (as each type handles it differently – mozilla firefox, webkit etc.). So, whenever I change the CSS for the background colour to better match the scheme, it doesn’t work. I’ve even tried simply choosing a solid colour and using the ‘important tag, but nothing! I’ve hard refreshed, cleared the cache and tried a completely different browser (firefox really seems to cache a hell of a lot now – and how many updates do they need to make in the space of 2 months?) – but nothing.

    I had another issue with the Contact form I was using (WP7 Contact) and it turned out that by putting the CSS to change the input boxes and message area it worked. I also tried that with this and nope – didn’t work.

    If you’ve had experience of this kind of issue and may have some advice I’d really appreciate it.

    Help me Reverend!





    OK – so I think I’ve fixed it.

    For those that may be facing a similar problem when using multiple ‘backgrounds’ for different browsers, to beat the WordPress CSS cleaner I listed each #access blah blah background for each browser. This seems to trick the CSS cleaner into keeping each one, whereas if you simply seperate them with semi-colons it cleans them up as if they’re in error. At least that’s what I think’s going on!

    I’ve also used some assistance from digitaldreams site by creating a custom-style.css to make alot of the changes as this side-steps problems encountered with the twenty-eleven theme and it’s handling of the different colour schemes (white and dark).

    Well – I’m learning and I have to thank you alot Rev. – you’ve got a great information resource and I’m sure you’ve helped alot of ‘silent’ people with their WordPress sites.




    Rev. Voodoo

    THanks for coming back and offering some solutions! That’s always cool! Here’s another thing to consider if you run into problems with the dark colour scheme or whatever… make your own!!
    That’s how I did it! Of course, that basically does the same as importing a custom.css file. It’s really just a way to import another stylesheet. ANd one more thing to always remember (Though, I don’t think it affects the menu) is to look at your source code. 2011 (and a lot of themes with customization options) will insert a little bit of css into the section of your html that you can view in your page source in the browser. CSS output into your html always takes precedence over any stylesheets (unless the !important tag is used I think)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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