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    Hello. I’m in the process of designing my creative site using the WordPress ‘twentyeleven’ theme. I’ve had a struggle with finding decent photo gallery plugins in WordPress. I find NextGen gallery confusing at best with too much window resizing – clunky? Also I can’t upload more than a 10mb file to the server so Lightroom galleries and even zip files are often too large. I shoot events and have a lot of files to distribute at times. Ideally my galleries would fit into a window without vertical scrolling. Any advice please?


    Rev. Voodoo

    I used to use NGG, but I’m not a huge fan of adding more layers on top of WP for such things. I’m afraid I would base an entire portfolio or whatever on a plugin, and the plugin would eventually not be developed/supported any more. So I’m probably not your guy for finding any plugins along these lines… WP has great image handling capabilities really, it’s all about how a theme handles them. 2011 wasn’t really meant to be a gallery theme. It has decent display capabilities, but it was meant to be an ‘all things to all people’ theme. Show off a little bit of everything WP can do. There are a lot of themes out there designed specifically for portfolios, photoblogs, galleries, etc. Have you considered one?

    As for your upload limit, 10mb is tiny!! Is that a server/host thing? First you need to check with your host to see if you can increase that limit. There are a few techniques to raise your upload limits, and I’m happy to help you find them… but first you need to see if your host allows you to raise them, or we are fighting a losing battle!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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