VoodooPress Year in Review for 2012

We have our shiny new year in review report from WordPress.com. Fo ranyone who has their site connected to JetPack, you should have gotten an email that your report is ready. It gives some nifty tidbits about your traffic and posts. Here’s a link to our report if you’d like to take a look! Happy New Year, we look forward to bringing you fresh new tips and tricks for your WordPress site in the new year!

A Simple Twenty Twelve Child Theme to Download and Play With

We’ve already had several posts up on VoodooPress involving child themes. And I often provide guidance on using child themes. But sometimes it’s hard to get started out. Well, here we have a nice, basic child theme to get you started! This theme doesn’t do anything but get you started out. It’s just a style.css and functions.php file with no modifications made. You can download it and install it – that way you can hit the ground running and start your own modifications! If you have any questions about using this, or making your own tweaks – feel free to ask!

Voodoo Child 2012 theme download

WordPress 3.5 is Here – Time to Upgrade and Enjoy Some Pretty Fancy Changes!

WordPress 3.5 has just dropped on the masses. It’s time to play the upgrade game! Hopefully you’ve taken the time to maybe install it locally, or run it on a test site (I keep one handy in a subdomain) with your themes and plugins – just to make sure you don’t run into any problems. This is a pretty nice release, you can check out the release notes on the WP blog of course, but what has changed?

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Win a Free Membership to Elegant Themes From VoodooPress!

Well Hallowe’en has come and gone, now we’re all left facing a terrible candy hangover. How can you fight the morning after shame that only 30 Snickers can bring? You could change your looks by celebrating Novembeard (also known as Movember and Noshavember). But why scare away your loved ones with a patchy week old beard? You could just give that WordPress site of yours a fantastic facelift with one of these amazing looking WordPress Themes. VoodooPress has teamed up with Elegant Themes to offer a few completely free memberships for you, our lovely readers (even with a patchy beard). Read on for the details!

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Kohrus Nero – A Social Post Rating Plugin – The Voodoo Review

VoodooPress was recently approached by the folks at Kohrus with a new plugin they launched, Kohrus Nero. This is a plugin that allows for readers to vote for your posts. That’s a fairly common thing and many plugins allow for post voting. But this plugin has an interesting twist. It integrates with Twitter and posts and tracks tweets through that mechanism. The intention here seems to be gathering a little grass roots momentum – if you can get folks to spread the word about what you are offering, it is far more likely that you can gather some steam and attract new people to your site. Well, let’s set this plugin up and dig in to see what it offers!

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Posting on WordPress From the Front End

We’ve had an ongoing series of posts related to posting from the front end on WordPress. Even expanding on that to include editing and deleting. Those were very popular posts, and helped a lot of people. I wanted to guide people to an exciting series of tutorials that is ongoing on WPTuts+ right now. Check out this series for some new information and tutorials for your front end posting needs. I haven’t had much time lately to work on that series, but I think you will find plenty of information in that tutorial to improve your code, and to learn from!

Let me know what you think of that tutorial? Does it work for you?

WordPress 3.4 has Been Out for a Couple Days, How Did Your Upgrade Go?

So WordPress 3.4 has been out in the wild for a couple days now. Hopefully by now, you have any WordPress installs you manage up to date and running 3.4. How did your upgrade go? The forums have been (relatively) quiet. Not a lot of themes or plugins blowing things up. And it seems the upgrades are going well. Was your upgrade smooth sailing? What do you like about the new version? I need to re-jigger my child theme. I have my header images set to a specific size, I’d like to modify it to take advantage of the new flexible header option personally.