Having Some Issues Here!

WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 in the Wild! Help Test it Out!

The Beta release of WordPress 3.3 has just been announced. As always, they could really use some help with testing this bad boy. I’m going to give my first impressions after an hour of playing around. Let’s just say, this one needs some polish!

First up, you wanna play right? Well grab your copy here. Now, don’t go upgrading your install to a live blog. This is an early release, and there are bound to be bugs. Instead throw it in a subdomain/subdirectory. Heck, in my opinion, you should always have a testing environment set up to play with. It’s great for testing themes, plugins, code, or just messing around, especially when you help people out in the forums!

So I have my testing environemnt all set up, let’s take a look.

Having Some Issues Here!

┬áHere’s an image showing a couple of the issues I’m having. So far, I see 3 major problems. Keep in mind, I do a lot of my WordPress stuff at work, where I’m tied to Internet Explorer 7 or 8. I don’t expect anything to be perfect on these browsers, they pretty much suck. But I shouldn’t totally lose functionality. I’m going to try my best to make sure these things get fixed before release.

  1. The Pointers – WordPress 3.3 introduces pointers. These are handy little items which point out new features as they are added to WordPress. Down the road the can be leveraged by plugins and themes to point out new features. I like the idea, they point out new things, you dismiss them, and they are gone. Simple. But if you look at the image above, there is no way for me to close the pointers. Normally I use the admin dropdown plugin, but I’ve had to turn it off. That pointer covers my dropdown menu and blocks half of the functionality.
  2. Media Uploader – The media uploader has been revamped. It looks like it’s going to be pretty cool, drag and drop deliciousness. The thing is, I can see the drag and drop interface momentarily. Once the page fully loads, that interface goes away. To make matters worse, the ‘Select Files’ button does nothing for me. So I effectively have no way to add any media.
  3. Flyout Admin Menu – Another cool item. Instead of having to click/expand each menu item, they simply have hover flyouts. This is good and bad. You can hover over each menu item to see the sub-items. And if you click an item, you go to the main page for that item, and the subitems expand. From what I see, there is no way to have more than one menu item open at a time. So I”m torn, I like having multiple menu items open, but I also really like the flyouts. However, on IE the flyouts have a transparent background. This essentially means the menu items clash with the page items, rendering the flyout unreadable.

So that’s it for my first impressions. I’m sure these minor issues will get worked out pre-release. There’s a lot going on under the hood here, so every person who can get this installed and tested is helping us all!

2 thoughts on “WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 in the Wild! Help Test it Out!”

  1. I like the pointer idea and the fly out menus. I used a plugin that makes my menus work the same way in admin, I always found the collapsible menus laggy.

    The pointers seem like a great Idea, I read an article on theme.fm http://theme.fm/2011/09/introducing-pointers-in-wordpress-3-3-2407/ about them and how they can be implemented into themes and plugins which would really come in handy for those areas in theme options that are not so clear on how to use.

    1. I don’t think the flyout menus will benefit me much. I use ozh admin dropdown menus plugin. I’ve gotten so used to that plugin I couldn’t imagine not having it. The pointers will provide great opportunity for themes and plugins, just hopefully nobody jumps on them too quickly. When 3.3 comes out, from what I’ve read in the dev chats, the pointers will only be half baked. They will only be intended to be used by core. The plan is to open them up to plugins and themes, and some will jump on the pointers right away. But in future releases, the implementation of the pointers is going to change. So any early adopters will need to update whatever they come up with.

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