WordPress 3.5 is Here – Time to Upgrade and Enjoy Some Pretty Fancy Changes!

WordPress 3.5 has just dropped on the masses. It’s time to play the upgrade game! Hopefully you’ve taken the time to maybe install it locally, or run it on a test site (I keep one handy in a subdomain) with your themes and plugins – just to make sure you don’t run into any problems. This is a pretty nice release, you can check out the release notes on the WP blog of course, but what has changed?

The most obvious change will be the new default theme. We are moving up to the Twenty Twelve theme. If you aren’t already familiar with it, just look around! VoodooPress switched over to 2012 (with some modifications) just a little bit back. It’s fresh, lightweight, clean, and responsive! I recommend checking it out to see if you like it. Don’t worry, if you use Twenty Eleven, you don’t have to change. The usual caveat – if you want to modify the theme, the same rules apply for 2012 as 2011, 2010, and pretty much any other theme. DO NOT edit the theme files directly, create a child theme!

I think the most obvious change on the backend will be to the media editor. The whole media interface has been overhauled. It’s cleaner, sleeker, and just more fun to use. As soon as you get your site upgraded I recommend you get in there and play around. Images and media are much better, editing media is better, attachment pages are better, behind the scenes processing and image handling is much better – it’s an all around win in my books!

Less usability and more visual, the whole admin interface has been given some loving attention. It’s neater, cleaner, more pleasant to look at. It’s really polished up – plus, the responsiveness works better back there, and HiDPI has been accounted for, keeping things pretty on newer high end devices.

There are plenty of other odds and ends in this new install. oEmbed services have been added for SoundCloud, Slideshare, and Instagram. Various options and menua have been combined, cleaned up, etc. The links manager is gone (unless you actually used it – more on that in the release notes). Finally we get some other upgrades like XML-RPC and external library updates (jQuery, TinyMCE, etc). There’s also the ability to ‘favourite’ plugins to make them easier to keep track of.

That’s just a brief rundown of the changes. Please do check out the release notes, read around the web – there have been many posts documenting the changes. Most importantly, get your sites upgraded. And finally, if you have any problems at all – feel free to ask questions here, and also check out the, now traditional, http://wordpress.org/support/topic/troubleshooting-wordpress-35-master-list?replies=4. A place to track issues folks are running into and to look for solutions.

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