Wow, A Record Day For Me On Trac

So I still am not sure if I am inputting these things correctly. Trac is a bit confusing for me to figure out. But I’ve been playing with WordPress 3.3 Beta 1 all day, unfortunately using IE7, and am having some issues.

I know, the commonality here is me…and IE7. If I wasn’t stuck using it I would. But I just really wanted to point out, WP 3.3 is beta. There could be more issues. It would be awesome if everyone could set up a test environment and play around a bit. Help the community! If I can get that trac thing figured out, so can you!

4 thoughts on “Wow, A Record Day For Me On Trac”

  1. trac is very confusing for me too. it wasn’t even immediately obvious that i had to use my login creds. [facepalm]. i’d love to see people start dropping support for IE7. that one has caused me no end of pain and a lot of lost money.

    1. Yeah, IE7 is a pain. I’m stuck using it at work, my company is very slow on software upgrades. However, I don’t expect websites to cater to me. Heck, I’m working on a new theme for my personal blog, which won’t support IE7.

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