Custom WordPress Admin Screen Footer Text

Take a look down at the bottom of your admin panels.  What do you see?  There’s some text down there, probably:

Thank you for creating with WordPress. | Documentation | Feedback

What if you would like to replace that?  Well, it’s pretty darned easy!  Here we go again hooking into WordPress.  Just add this to your functions.php or an included file if you followed us here.

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Another Cool Way to Keep WordPress Functions Organized and Portable!

Just yesterday we made a post about how I keep my WordPress organized and portable.  Then I read this cool article from Justin Tadlock, and I really dig it.  Takes the idea I had of organizing your custom functions outside of functions.php and also the portability aspect, and really ramps it up.  I’ll probably stick to my method as it’s what I’ve gotten used to.  But I recommend reading the article.  You can learn a bit about making all your functions into a custom plugin.  If nothing else read the article to learn about the MU plugins folder.  That’s must use, not multi user by the way!

Almost Time to Launch!

I know this site is live already!  But I haven’t really promoted it or anything yet.  I think I’ll get 10 quality help posts up, and then start.

Keep Your WordPress Functions Organized and Portable

So here is a little tip I thought I would throw out there for everyone.  A way to keep your WordPress functions both organized, and fairly portable.  I actually did this by accident, and only now realized how cool it was!  We all know that functions.php is the place for your functions.  And if you keep adding to it, eventually you can have over a thousand lines of code.  It gets cumbersome and confusing!  And what if you switch themes?  Well check this out.

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Add a Favicon to Your Theme With a Simple Hook

In the spirit of posting things as I do them on my site, it’s time to add a favicon.  Once again we are going to use your functions.php file.  As we talked about in our last article, this is a great way to do this in a child theme.  The favicon code normally goes into header.php in the <head> section of your code.  And you could do that to your theme, but why bother copying over the whole header.php to your child theme just for this little edit?  Just drop this in functions.php and you are all set!

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Add Google Analytics Code With a Simple Hook

I recently posted an article about the importance of child themes.  For now the article is over on my blog, but soon I will move it over here as I get this site going.  But since I just started this site, and for the time being have decided to stick with the Twenty Ten theme, I had to take my own advice and make a child theme.  I’ve called it Voodoo Child, which is a fun name.  I figured as I started doing things to build up the site, I would keep track of little bits and pieces here to help others.

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Welcome to VoodooPress!

Welcome to my newest site, VoodooPress!  I’ve decided to branch off all of my WordPress related stuff.  That’ll keep my main blog related to my normal stuff, music, art, The Voodoo Empire in general.  And here I will focus on just WordPress stuff.  I’ve been making more and more WordPress related posts, and thought it would be more useful to have them all in one place.  So over the coming weeks I’ll post new stuff, but I’ll also be bringing over my existing posts.  And of course I’ll be redesigning the entire site, because that is fun to do!  WordPress 3.1 is about to drop, what better time than to try to get myself more involved!