VoodooPress Facelift Begins

I’ve been a bit torn lately. When VoodooPress launched, WordPress was using the Twenty Ten theme. We made it the goal to always be using the newest WordPress theme. When WordPress launched with Twenty Eleven, we switched over. But this time, Twenty Twelve came out mid-cycle – it didn’t release with a WordPress version. Well, I finally decided to pull the trigger! What we have right now is bare bones Twenty Twelve. I’m about to make a child theme, and will spend the next few weeks slowly customizing the theme. I’ll post anything I figure out as we move along. I definitely plan to make the theme wider, style the widgets, tweak the header, and maybe even get my footer widgets back. Time to play!

Rss Feed Wackiness

I just noticed that my RSS feed is getting clogged up. I just made a new post which hasn’t yet gone out on RSS, but 2 or 3 other posts from the past few months popped out. What the crap?

Vudu Me Was Broken, and Now it's Fixed!

I won’t get into all the nitty gritty! You can read the background story on my personal blog here. But, in a nutshell, my hosting got pulled. Vudu me was down. I got my hosting back up and fixed my vudu me links. I can’t offer the front facing link shrinker, but my main problem was that all of my content was always shared using the vudu me links, and that was dead! Well, it’s back! Everyone can find my content again! I wonder how much traffic I lost because of that?

Thanks for Using Our Gravity Forms Affiliate Link!

I don’t have many affiliate links on here. I put a couple up here and there when discussing certain products that I enjoy. One of them is our Gravity Forms link, which is used when discussing how to do certain things with Gravity Forms. Not gonna lie, I really dig that plugin – I get a lot done with it! I just wanted to take a second to thank the folks who have purchased the plugin through VoodooPress. This month is the first time I’ve made any money off of the links, and I definitely appreciate it!

Thanks for supporting VoodooPress!

WordPress 3.4 Will Automatically Detect Page Templates in a Subdirectory

Andrew Nacin made a nifty announcement recently. I know a few of you guys are really keen on keeping your themes sorted out into various folders. Well, now you can keep all of your page templates in their own folder (1 level deep) and they will be detected automatically! Read his post for all the deets, but also read that caution… moving any existing templates will unassign them from any pages they may be assigned to.

Technical Difficulties

My webhost, Bluehost, is experiencing a severe DDoS attack today. It brought VoodooPress and my blog completely down earlier. They swapped me to a temp server, and I just swapped out IPs in CloudFlare. So everything is back up and running now, but we may see more issues over the next little bit.

WPCandy Quarterly WordPress Magazine has Shipped…. And….

WPCandy Quarterly WordPress Magazine has Shipped…. And….

The announcement email came with a link to my digital pdf copy. I’m resisting the urge to click on that link, it’s quite difficult! But, I want my first impressions to come from the print copy. So…. hard… waiting….

Another Milestone: 1000 Comments!

This morning, VoodooPress reached 1000 approved non-spam comments! For a little WordPress site, just hanging out in our corner of the web doing our own thing, I think that’s a pretty great milestone! Thanks to everyone who joins in the discussions here for helping VoodooPress grow. I know many people have been helped through those comments, thanks!

VoodooPress 1 Year Anniversary T-shirt Giveaway!

This contest is open until the end of the day on February 16, 2012. You can enter using each method once per day!

VoodooPress is exactly 1 year old today! One ear ago we started content development with our Welcome post, and on February 16th we officially launched with this post. Since then, VoodooPress has grown up quite a bit. We’ve been through 2 themes now (2010, 2011) and we are looking forward to another facelift with the launch of WordPress 3.4 and the Twenty Twelve theme. We’ve found a decent group of friends here, who have contributed a lot to discussions and some cool code too. The first year has been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to many more years of poking WordPress with a stick and writing about what happens. As a thanks to the readers, let’s have a bit of fun here and give away some shirts!

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