Simplifying My Checkout Process on the Relaunch – Angelleye's Paypal for WooCommerce Plugin

I started describing some of the steps I took recently whil eredesigning my wife’s website. She’s a professional athlete and a personal trainer. We needed a clean. modern design with a reliable eCommerce solution. To get this far, I paired up the Divi theme with WooCommerce. The process was quite simple and I was able to get the launch done quickly. Everything looked and wored pretty well, but a couple things were left to iron out. One of them was the checkout process.

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I Finally Gave WooCommerce a Try on the Web Relaunch

Not a lot of opportunity to post over here on VoodooPress lately. I did finally graduate with my Master’s last week, that was a big piece of what was keeping me from doing anything WordPressy for the past three years. That’s not to say I’ve been completely absent, after all, I have many websites to run! I just haven’t been able to post about it.

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Jetpack Allows for Auto Sharing Your Content to Google+

I have been waiting forever for this capability! With the update to jetpack 2.7 that was recently announced on the Jetpack site, we finally get our content sent right over to Google+! How cool is that? I like to share my content far and wide whenever I publish – Facebook and Twitter got my content automatically, but I always had to remember (and often forgot) to manually post to Google+. No more, it’s built in! Give your plugin and update and test it out. What do you think?

Kohrus Nero – A Social Post Rating Plugin – The Voodoo Review

VoodooPress was recently approached by the folks at Kohrus with a new plugin they launched, Kohrus Nero. This is a plugin that allows for readers to vote for your posts. That’s a fairly common thing and many plugins allow for post voting. But this plugin has an interesting twist. It integrates with Twitter and posts and tracks tweets through that mechanism. The intention here seems to be gathering a little grass roots momentum – if you can get folks to spread the word about what you are offering, it is far more likely that you can gather some steam and attract new people to your site. Well, let’s set this plugin up and dig in to see what it offers!

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WPRecycle, New Life For an Old Plugin?

Just a few days ago, we took our  first look at Plugin Chief. We did the Voodoo Review on their MobileChief offering. Well, we haven’t even gotten to part 2 of that review yet, and the PluginChief folks let me know about a new program they have running! I don’t want to sound like a shill for these guys, but they have come out of the gates swinging! Check out their newest trick!

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MobileChief – A Plugin Designed to Make Mobile Site Creation Painless! The Voodoo Review

MobileChief is a new plugin being released by the folks at PluginChief. The goal of the plugin is to ease the process of creating a dedicated mobile site. I was approached by PluginChief about reviewing this new plugin, and I was intrigued. My idea of a mobile site is to grab a responsive theme, and call it a day. I’ve never much concerned myself with any sort of dedicated mobile offering. So I’m a bit of a novice in this area. Why don’t we go ahead and get the MobileChief plugin installed and see what we can accomplish – and while we’re at it, take a look at what else PluginChief has to offer.

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InfiniteWP Hits Version 2.0, Major Upgrades and Coolness!

A while back, we gave the Voodoo Review to InfiniteWP and I liked what I saw from launch. There are a variety of managing options for WordPress, but InfiniteWP was a bit different. I got to keep it in-house, this installs on my own server, uses my own URL, and manages everything. From the start we could upgrade WordPress, update plugins and themes, and run backups. But I just finished upgrading my install of InfiniteWP, and I like what I see.

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bbPress Upgrades to 2.1, Gives Us the WP Editor

bbPress 2.1 has been released to the wild. It’s the forum plugin we use here on VoodooPress. If you are interested in everything included with this update, you can check out the post on I’ll tell you right now, the first thing that I enjoy with this update is that we get the normal tiny mce visual/html editor that WP users are so familiar with. That right there is awesome news to me! Give it a try over here on the VoodooPress forums, if you like!

Set Your Featured Image Automagically From the First Image in the Post

Here’s a nifty trick that just came through my RSS reader. Let’s give credit where it’s due first because I didn’t come up with this! It came through my reader from the WP Snippets site, this post right here. We’re going to grab the first image from the post, and set it as your featured image automagically!

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