Development Tip: How to Know What Template is Being Used

I’ve been working on an overhaul of my personal blog for a while now. My old theme was pretty bloated, and way more than I needed since I offloaded everything away. The site used to have everything on it, but I moved all my WordPress posts to VoodooPress, and all my Voodoo Empire specific stuff to its own site. My blog doesn’t need all the features it had, and it was slowing things down. I haven’t had time to finish my custom theme, so in the meantime I decided to play around with some available themes, starting with Fanwood from DevPress. I have all of my custom stuff that used to be in the theme living in its own functionality plugin now. So I can activate any new theme, and within 20 minutes, have all my custom stuff in place. But the one problem I ran into – FanWood is a complex theme, not always using the standard WordPress templates I would expect – single.php for instance. Well, what’s an easy way to know what template is being loaded at all times? I’ve got the answer for ya!

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Gravity Forms is Working Towards Full WP Editor

I’ve made a couple of posts over the past while about Gravity Forms. Specifically with regards to their user registration module. This module has saved me tonnes of spam, plus it just makes my sites look a little more polished and professional in my opinion. It’s nice to have a site branded registration process. Well, recently Gravity Forms¬†released an update, and while this update didn’t do anything major for me, the release notes spelled out a very cool roadmap for the near future, let’s discuss!

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New VoodooPress Blackberry App, And Android App Update

We have had our VoodooPress Android app available for a little bit now. You can download it through the link or code on this post. The link in that post points to the newly updated VoodooPress Android app. Comenting still doesn’t work for me. I’ll ask the devs about that. However, new post notifications do work, cool!

Now, on to the main point of this post. Our Blackberry app is available! Scan the code to the left or click here to grab our Blackberry app. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a Blackberry to test this on. But if you do, and you try it out, I’d love some feedback! Hopefully we will have commenting very soon on the Android app. It’s a necessary feature for sure!

Missing Contact Form Entries

Whoa, I just looked at my contact form records… It looks like I’ve missed a fair amount of entries. If you have not gotten a reply from VoodooPress, rest assured, I haven’t ignored you on purpose. I’m not sure if these are going to my SPAM folder or what. I will transition my contact form to Gravity Forms very soon, so that I at least get dashboard notification of any new entries. I will try to find your entries and reply asap. If you haven’t heard from me, please feel free to contact me again! Aplogies from Rev. Voodoo!

Make a Simple Native Android/Blackberry App for Your WordPress Site With JoeMobi

I’ve been experimenting a fair bit with these Android app maker services. There are quite a few that produce quality results. One thing to keep in mind, if you want a truly stunning custom app, you’ll have to learn to make one, or pay somebody. It’s just too much for a plugin or website to handle, especially for free. That being said, I made an app¬†using the JoeMobi service/plugin, and I’m pretty happy with it! Here’s the gig:

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VoodooPress Android App Available

VoodooPress AppI recently saw something about JoeMobi scroll by on my Google reader. It said the service was a quick way to make an Android app with your WordPress content. I wanted to give it a try real quick. It’s actually pretty cool. Nothing super special, but it presents all the VoodooPress content neatly, and I like it. Even my code samples are presented nice and neat. Scan the code or download the .apk file here! I’ll write a bit more about the whole process soon, in case you are interested.