Assign Default Featured Images to Post by Category

I have been working on a new website recently – On My Bike. It’s a personal motivation website, I’m doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, etc. while I shop for a new bicycle. Once I get the bike I want to monitor some stats, etc. So I use IFTTT to relay data from my bike rides, scale, etc. to that new WordPress site. Those posts are automatic and I don’t get to set my featured image as they post. The theme I am using really looks best when featured images are included, so I wanted to add specific featured images per category since my auto posts are assigned their own categories. Here’s how I got that done.

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Custom Colours in Twenty Fourteen – Get the Green Outta my Theme!

So now we have twenty fourteen in place and I have a child theme started. Of course you remember we always use child themes when editing a theme, right? If not, have a quick read of this old article. It was written back when we were on 2010 but it’s just as relevant now on 2014! Our child theme is set up to pull in the default CSS usnig the @import code, so everything looks the same. I’m just not a huge fan of green, so here’s what I did!

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Building a 'Responsive' Adsense Widget for the Twenty Twelve Theme

UPDATE 07/31/2013: Google has finally offered up the beginnings of a solution – quite similar to what we have been using. You can check out my article here!

NOTE: My adsense account has been deactivated. And the fine folks at Google simply don’t bother explaining why they deactivate accounts – they just do it. If I ever find out why I will forward that info on. For now, I would recommend you do not use the guide I have below – in case that is the problem.

Over the past two days, I’ve put up a couple articles relating to widgetizing the twenty twelve header and guidance for adding multiple items up there while accounting for 2012’s responsive nature. I wanted to finish up today by showing my solution for running Google Adsense ads to the header while still maintaining the responsive nature of the theme as best we can, let’s dig in!

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Adding a Login Function to Our Twenty Twelve Header Widget Area – And Responsiveness Considerations

Yesterday, we started the basics for adding a widget area to the soon to be new default WordPress Twenty Twelve theme. I personally wanted to have advertising up there, plus login and registration options. I use custom login and registration pages on VoodooPress, so the standard links don’t work – I need to provide working links. I’m going to show my code for adding that login feature, of course. But I also want to show you this for a bigger reason – 2012 has a responsive setup and if you alter the theme, you need to consider that with your changes. Let’s take a look at what I have now!

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Hmmm… Where to Advertise on 2012 Theme?

I’m trying to work through how I want to position advertising on the 2012 theme. I just don’t like it in the sidebar much. I’m considering getting rid of the current login/out/register float I have up top. I think a bar along the top of the screen, inside the wrapper, not stuck to the top might work. Like right above the nav menu… maybe style it up like my widget areas, float login stuff left and the ad to the right. What do you think? Not the advertising in general, but if you were trying to position ‘something’ on this theme that you wanted to be visible/useful, where would you put it? Do you think any areas lend themselves better to user interaction than others?

Reader Request – Styling Sidebar Content or Widget Areas in the Twenty Twelve Theme

A reader dropped me a comment yesterday wondering how we style the widget areas here on VoodooPress. I’m always happy to answer questions whenever I can, so we will take a look at what I do here, give a little bit of code, and even touch on other things you could do to spruce up your widget area. Let’s dive right in!

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