Send Your WordPress Email From YOU, and Other Email Fixes

I recently came across a problem where none of my emails were getting through to anyone, even me. Registration, comments, forms, etc. They were all hosed up. I’ve got a couple of tricks for you here that fixed things for me. This helped normal WordPress emails, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, etc. First I’ll show you how to send your email from YOU, not, then I’ll tell you what else I did that may be host specific.

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Remove the Home Link From TwentyEleven's Page Fallback Menu

Here’s a quick request. Hopefully by now most of us know how to use WordPress custom menu creator. It works great, and alloows for any type of menu to be created. But let’s say you are using twentyeleven, and you are totally happy with it. And, you don’t feel like making a custom menu… you want to stick with the default fallback, wp_list_pages. The only thing that bugs you is that pesky home link…. here’s the answer!

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Additional Colour Schemes for Your TwentyEleven Child Theme

I’ve wanted to add an additional colour scheme to my child theme here on VoodooPress since the twentyeleven theme first came out in it’s very early stages. I had pecked around at it from the start, but the code kept changing in the early days. After that I got pretty busy, and haven’t been able to revisit the idea until now. With a little bit of help from Alchymyth and Zeaks I’ve got a new colour scheme set up on here. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but the foundation is in place. Let’s take a look at how to add some additional colour schemes to your 2011 child theme.

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Running Queries From Functions.php (or a plugin)

UPDATE: This tutorial is slightly incomplete. We forgot to limit our query to the main content of the pageonly, to keep it from affecting widgets, menus, etc. See the update here for the rest of the info you’ll need, it’s a simple fix!

I was working on my new company site for The Voodoo Empire. One of the things I had set up was a new members page. It’s a directory of all of our members. They get input as we add new members. So the oldest members (the founders) got input first, and new members would get added as they join. That makes sense. Any new members we add will of course get added as they join. But then on the front end, they display in that same order, newest members on top. Well for a members page, it makes sense to me to have the founding members at the top of the page, with newer members at the bottom. So, how to reverse the order of posts on this page? Here’s a simple solution for that!

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Adding a Narrow Sidebar on Each Side of TwentyEleven Single Post View

I decided to add some sidebar action to the single post view of twentyeleven. It was actually a tough decision. I really did like the clean, distraction free, clutter free single post view that the theme has by default. However, I noticed a sharp drop in my adsense revenue. I’m not making a killing here, heck, I don’t even cover my hosting costs. But the little bit I did get was nice, like a little reward for trying to help the community. So I decided to drop in a sidebar. And, because I’m always trying to make things difficult on myself, I added in 2 sidebars, one on each side of the content. Let’s check out how to get that done.

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Include Images in Your WordPress RSS Feed

If you are like me, you probably spend a decent amount of time writing your posts. Trying to make sure everything is accurate, proofreading, etc. It’s great to get that information out there as many ways as possible. Using RSS is a great tool for getting your message across. However by default, WordPress does not include images in the RSS feed. You may use the featured image option, or you may attach images in your post. I know I spend a fair bit of time selecting or crafting an image for my post. I would really like for that to come across in my RSS feed. Let’s take a look at ways to include your images in your feed.

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