Setting up Your Own Yourls Short URL Service

For those of you who missed the original article, check it out here. We discussed how I set up Vudu.Me, The Voodoo Empire’s short URL service using Yourls. Well recently Ipstenu set up Yourls, and lived to write about it! That means more quality reading for you. Check out her article for information beyond what I provided, then why not take the plunge? You can also check out Otto’s article, which was the one that pointed me towards Yourls. Custom URLs are what the cool kids are doing!

2011 VoodooPress JetPack Report

VoodooPress is nearly a year old. At the end of the month will be our anniversary! We are getting ready to launch a fun little giveaway to celebrate! I figured I’d share the end of the year report that published through JetPack for VoodooPress. I’m not sure how accurate the report is… certain things like post count and comment count aren’t very accurate. But who cares, the report is just for fun anyhow. Check it out here!

VoodooPress Has Been Listed as Influential!

After setting up PressedAds, I was just clicking around, checking things out. Looks like we are listed as Influential on the PressedAds homepage. Ssssh, don’t nobody say nothing…  Also, if you haven’t checked them out, it’s a neat idea. A WP based ad network. I’m slowly figuring out the internets. As such, I’m moving hosts, moving domain registrars… and now, advertisers. I’m at my maximum ads that I’m willing to display on VoodooPress now, and maybe looking to sneak away from Google. I hope this is my opportunity. I don’t wanna bombard you guys after all, you’re nice people!!

Smashing Magazine Launches WordPress Specific Section

I’ve always been a big fan of Smashing Magazine. Since I started trying my hand at web design, they have always been a great resource for learning and keeping up with current trends. Heck, I’ve even dropped some coin on some ebooks, and even their most recent Smashing Book # 2, which is a beautiful hard bound book.

Lately some really good resources have popped up in the WordPress realm. Tuts+, home of all sorts of amazing web related tutorials launched a WP specific tutorial site. They have a good variety of beginner tutorials, and some great advanced stuff. Smashing Magazine has decided to throw their hat in the ring with a WP specific section, which they are aiming to move beyond standard WP tutorial faire. The goal looks to be providing more in-depth WP knowledge, or, in their own words:

With the new Smashing WordPress section, we’re aiming for quality articles on intermediate-level topics, with an emphasis on developing smarter, faster sites with the world’s most popular publishing platform.

I definitely look forward to seeing what the folks at Smashing Magazine can offer up. I’m always looking for new sources of information, and new inspiration to move me in new directions on my projects!

VoodooPress Interesting Links

Here’s the first in a hopefully useful series of posts here on VoodooPress. I’m going to try to do this weekly, but no promises! I’m going to keep a draft post running, and add in cool links I find. These are things that’ll be hopefully useful to you. But they are also being kept as reference for me! I know I’ll want to find a lot of this info in the future. Let’s take a look at what caught my eye this week:

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What VoodooPress is Learning From

I was thinking it would be a cool idea to have a periodic post on VoodooPress. Sort of like a round-up type post. But not on any set schedule. My thinking is that this will be as useful to me as to our readers. Throughout the week, I read some really useful posts. I don’t need the info right at that moment, but I know I will. Then when the time comes where I need that post, I forget where I read it. So I’m going to start posting some cool links for folks to be able to read up on some really great info out and about the WordPress community!