Domain Forwarding a Single Page Site on WordPress – Best SEO?

I’m just going to post up a bit of a question in case anyone is wandering by who knows about these things and feels like helping me out! My wife is a professional athlete and she also is a personal trainer. I have a website up for her at that is great, but it has a lot of info and things to see. It’s more focused on her activities, healthy things, competitions, etc. With her personal training, I wanted a single page. I just wanted it clean, a bit of info, directions, contact info, etc. I want everyone to be able to just get the info they need to hire her.

I really like her main page, it’s set up well, good theme, colours, etc. I wanted her one page site to match. What I’ve done right now is set up a single page on her main site to be the Toledo Personal Training website. I bought the domain and set it to 301 redirect to the single page on her main site.

I really don’t want to set up another full site. Now, all of my WordPress sites are in a single multisite instance (under my main site,, so I wouldn’t have to run another full install, I could set up a subsite and map the domain. But I would still need to worry about plugins, configurations, etc. all of which would duplicate everything on her main site. It’s really easier to just run it as a page.

The thing I don’t know is SEO, I really want her page to rank as Toledo Personal Training, and not the full page URL that we redirect to. So, should I be doing a 301 redirect as I am currently? I have also gone in and made a sitemap for (with links to a testimonial page and contact form) that I submitted to Google, it obviously points to the main domain, but the pages are all really pages on, her main site. I went in to the Yoast SEO plugin and set the pages to be canonical to

Obviously, this won’t ever be a huge site with tonnes of traffic, but I want local people to see when they search for those key words. Is this an OK setup that I have? Am I going to get decent rankings this way, is there a better way with my setup, or should I just bite the bullet and set it up as a separate site?

Appreciate any input from those out there knowing more than me.

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