Contest Ideas… Thoughts?

So I just ordered a big box of VoodooPress shirts. Coincidentally, Our first anniversary is soon. We actually installed WordPress on Jan. 31 2011, and launched on Feb. 16 2011. In honour of that, I was thinking of giving away 10 shirts. I’ll have 6 ways to enter. Follow me on facebook, twitter, or google+ Or share a  tweet, FB post, or G+ post. I’ll open the contest on Jan. 31, and close it on Feb. 16th. Cool right? Historically significant and shit! Anyway, contest comes soon…. I hope you will play along!

2 Replies to “Contest Ideas… Thoughts?”

    1. I will! The cool part, no penalty for following early. I will count all of my followers…. not just people who join after I announce the contest!! My first contest, I”m pretty excited!!!!

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