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  1. I was excited to read this, because I’ve been searching everywhere for a way to increase the Divi logo. So I popped your code into the Custom CSS box, doubled the sizes given, saved, and refreshed my screen. No change.

    Is there something else I need to do? Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. You are my freaking hero right now! I have been looking for a solution to this problem for the past hour!! Fixed in like 3 seconds. Thank you!

  3. hey it worked thanks, do you know how to completely remove the header instead? or adjust the bar. my logo is fine but the extra spacing beneath the logo is just huge, and my logo is cropped to its maximum size alsready. Thank you so much

    1. Adding .et_fixed_nav #main-header {padding: 0;} to the Custom CSS box controls the padding in the maximised state, but I can’t get the equivalent for the minimised state to work. .et-fixed-header #main-header {padding: 0 !important;}

    1. I’m not entirely certain what would cause that. How are you bringing in that custom css? Is it just through the custom css feature? If so, I wonder if the weay that loads causes a slight lag

      1. That’s a fair question. I added the code you listed above into the “custom CSS” section of the Divi theme setup/customization page. I checked out your spouse’s page and saw you did the same without any issues. I’m going add caching to my site to see if its load time issue.

      2. I notice the same issue with my clinic website as well. I’ve used the same css code mod as listed above, but the difference between the site I mentioned previously and this site is the use of the slider feature as the first element. site: http://drsoszka.com

        Truly odd, I’m going to hit people up on the Elegant theme support site as I’m sure you have better things to do than deal with my plight. That said, any sudden bursts of insight, please share.

    1. Hmm… I use the same code on about 5 websites running Divi and I’ve never run into that issue. There is nothing about this CSS that could lock your menu in place. I wonder if resizing the logo along with some Divi feature you use that I don’t is responsible.

  4. thanks so much for this info. You’re amazing for sharing. I’m not sure if you know how to make the menu centred within the header panel? This code works brilliantly, but the menu is aligned top. I’d love to know how to change it to centre on the height of the header.

  5. I just purchased the theme. I have tried this code and many others yet Logo still remains small. Hoping you can take a look at my site and see what could fix this.

  6. I’m really new to this. I’ve got a wordpress site that I’m setting up and I’ve popped the logo on it. But a) where do I find the CSS in my Divi control panel and b) when J do find it, do I just paste the code into the top? Or do I have to find where the current logo code is and therefore replace it? If I need to replace existing code, how do I know what bit to replace!?

  7. I’m a bit confused on where to input the code. Does it need to be inputted under a specific subdivision of the CSS code (“Header” I’m assuming) and if so, does it need to be within specific parameters within those codes, or can it simply be added to the bottom. Please add some guidance on exactly where to input that code in the CSS. thank you!

    1. Divi comes with a place to insert custom CSS in the theme settings page! Never modify theme files! CSS is done through custom CSS settings. And if you were ever to need to modify actual php, that would be done with a child theme.

  8. Ever since I switched to the new logo, the shrinking effect stopped working until yesterday when it suddenly worked in an attempt to preview a page but after that, not anymore. Then I found your tutorial but still can’t seem to make it work. Here’s my site http://www.mmo4teen.com. The logo is 340×41. Can anyone point me to the right direction ?

  9. Hello Sir
    the Divi’s shrinking effect is quite nice but (sorry), I don’t like it.
    Could you tell me which code is to use to keep quite my header (including Logo)
    Many thanks

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