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More times than not, I write posts here on VoodooPress to help myself find useful information later on down the road. I like to post it so I can find it; but I hope it helps my readers as well. I know I’m going to want to remember this site. GenerateWP has a good deal of useful tools and it looks like it is constantly being updated with new tools. Let me tell you why I think this is cool.

First up, credit where due. I was reading through my RSS feeds this morning and this article from WPMU went by and it caught my eye. You should check out their writeup.

Here’s what I like. Certain things I like to code myself. Taxonomies, post types, menu code, sidebar code, etc. Sure, there are various plugins that do this stuff just fine. The problem is, you don’t know how long those plugins will be supported, etc. The code is fairly simple, why not just do it yourself? Besides, you might find yourself adding a plugin for each function – I’d recommend just making one plugin with all of the functions using the code from GenerateWP, or you can add it to your functions.php file if you are making a custom theme from scratch.

If you are building your own theme, you need to add menus, sidebars, etc. The code usage is pretty straightforward – generate what you need and plop it into your functions.php file. But here is what I like to do. On VoodooPress I always run a child theme of the current WP default theme. Over on my blog I run FavePersonal. I know I will change themes in the future. So I keep the functionality that came with the theme in the theme, anything else I need, I add to my functionality plugin.

Chances are, if I’m making sidebars for advertising, I want that regardless of the theme I’m using. If I am adding a custom theme, same deal. And with things like shortcodes, taxonomies, and custom post types, I definitely don’t want that tied to a theme. Putting all of this stuff into one plugin keeps it safe and portable.

So there you have it. I don’t feel like reinventing the wheel all the time. GenerateWP coughs up the code I need. I just grab that code and put it in my plugin ad it stays with my website forever. I think it’s a very handy tool, so I posted it here to help me remember it when I add new features to a site. Try it out, let me know what you think!

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