Google Adsense Officially Begins to Support Responsive (sort of) Ads!

A while back, we had post (and a bit of a discussion) on ways we could accomplish some semblense of responsiveness with our Google Ads. We had a lot of questions, and no real answers from Adsense. Well we finally have some answers!

Google has begun to build in responsive features that are quite similar to what we had previously discussed. You can go in and pick a responsive ad, set your break points and get a slightly more sane type of ad for your website. Just like with our original way of doing it, the ads aren’t truly responsive. They load up an appropriate size based on the viewport at the time of load. So this will work great for supporting various screen sizes such as phones, tablets, etc. It won’t support resizing ads on the fly or rearranging them when you resize your screen.

It may not be perfect, but it’s a start. And the best part, it’s official! This answers a lot of questions folks have had in the past!

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