InfiniteWP Hits Version 2.0, Major Upgrades and Coolness!

A while back, we gave the Voodoo Review to InfiniteWP and I liked what I saw from launch. There are a variety of managing options for WordPress, but InfiniteWP was a bit different. I got to keep it in-house, this installs on my own server, uses my own URL, and manages everything. From the start we could upgrade WordPress, update plugins and themes, and run backups. But I just finished upgrading my install of InfiniteWP, and I like what I see.

The user interface is cleaner, friendlier, and easier to use! All of my sites will stay up on the left side, I can navigate through them easily, and perform whatever actions I want. Now, since I first installed InfiniteWP when they launched, the system has worked flawlessly for me! I’ve upgraded and backed up to my hearts content! But they’ve added some new features:

  1. Alphabetical Listing of Sites – Makes it easier to find sites with long groups. Don’t forget, we already could assign our various sites to groups, which helped for managing a lot of sites.
  2. Reload Data From Specific Sites – Upgrading stuff on just one site? We don’t need to bother reloading all the data from 100 sites, just update one!
  3. Reload Data Progress – A nice touch, you can see how far along in the process you are! I like the visual indicator.
  4. Last Reload Time – You can see when you last refreshed your data – especially useful if you are doing a lot of work on various sites.

Now here’s the biggie – Premium Add-ons are ready to go! They are launching with 6 add-ons now, and 3 more in the works. These are pretty killer features in my opinion!

Ready to go:

  • Install / Clone WordPress
  • Schedule Backups
  • Backup to CDN / FTP
  • Manage Users
  • Run Code Snippets
  • Custom Branding

Coming Soon:

  • Google Analytics
  • Add/Manage Posts and Comments
  • Bulk Create Posts, Pages, and Links

So, as you can see, this already useful product is really taking off. Currently lifetime memberships are being offered – $199 for all addons, ever, always! I’m going to try to fanagle the finances to take advantage of that for sure. You may want to try that out as well! If you aren’t interested, you can still install InfiniteWP to give it a try, and even buy the modules individually. I’m off to play around with the new functionality, maybe you should give it a whirl as well!

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