More WordPress Interesting Links

It’s time for another collection of interesting posts that I’ve come across. These are either new posts that I think I may need to find later, or posts I referenced while developing stuff. As always, if you have an intersting link, shoot it my way, either in a comment, or in our contact form.

  • WPtuts put out an interesting article about developing a settings page for your theme. It’s a good read for sure. They also show the right way to do it, using the built in styling available through WP.
  • Smashing Magazine had a nifty article here. It’s not strictly WordPress related, but it’s definitely theme development related. A real good write-up on using the :before and :after pseudo-elements in css. I need to look into this further, looks like good fun can be had.
  • WPTuts has really come on strong. They are a fairly new site, but the information being offered up there is excellent. I see at least a couple posts a day on the forum asking about moving WordPress, either to a new domain or a new server. Well this tutorial has got you covered!
  • WPCandy is running a tutorial series I recommend you keep up to date on. This is another one of the questions I often see around the forums. How do I work with hooks/filters/pluggable functions? THey have it all explained pretty well over there.

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