Oh Noes! You Suck Feedburner – Time to Jump Ship

Sigh. You know, sometimes when things get pretty busy, I forget to look at my websites. I might jump into the admin and sort through comments or make a post. Maybe even hop on my admin system to deal with upgrades. But sometimes I don’t look at my sites for a while on the frontend. Well, I just did, and it was ugly!

I read a while back that Google was slowly phasing out bits and pieces of Feedburner. I had meant to read up on it, and act as needed. But I never did much about it. Well it appears they shut down the Feedburner API the other day. I had forgotten that I relied on that a bit. I had coded up a widget for all of my sites that served up my Facebook, Twitter, and Feedburner links and stats. When they shut down the API, all of my sites went BOOM!

Anyway, I dropped the widget and all is well. But like I said in the title, you SUCK Feedburner. I need to figure out what I need to do to keep my RSS feeds tip top!

2 Replies to “Oh Noes! You Suck Feedburner – Time to Jump Ship”

  1. I dropped feedburner a while back and went with jetpack subscriptions instead. Can’t control much with the design of the email with Jetpack, and it sucked loosing alot of subscriptions, but I trust WordPress to stay around for a while and keep things working.

    1. Yeah I’ve had the jetpack thing in place for a while now. But I had quite a few fedburner subscribers. Feedburner is allowing users to set up redirects, so I’ll just send those feeds back to my site and hope for the best!

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