Server and .htaccess Question – Assistance Needed!

I’m going to post this here in the hopes that one of my smart readers has some input. I have a friend who runs a nice photography site. His main domain is redirected offsite. His /wordpress directory has his install. He was getting ready to run his /wordpress install from root and before making any changes a problem sprung up. His site has worked fine in the listed configuration for years. I looked through both .htaccess files and they are perfect. Suddenly his /wordpress domain follows the redirect rules of the parent .htaccess. Absolutely nothing has changed on his end. What could have changed at the server level that might cause this? If I turn off his pretty permalinks in the subdomain and his .htaccess file clears out, the site works fine. Turn on the permalinks and the site redirects again following the 301 redirect in the root .htaccess file.

If anyone has any idea why, without any changes being made to either .htaccess file, this would suddenly happen I would love some input. I want him to be able to discuss this with his server guy who currently feels it is the fault of his WP install. Thanks!

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  1. I don’t know much about htaccess, but have you checked the url in general settings, even in the database? Caching plugins might cause weird issues with urls too. About the only things I can think of if the host or htaccess is not at fault.

    1. Oh yeah, I was definitely through all the settings and DB. Even combed through all the files to see if some previous dev had set some constants in a file and not left any notes for future devs anywhere. No luck. It’s definitely a screwy server setting at a level higher than I have access to.

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