Simplifying My Checkout Process on the Relaunch – Angelleye's Paypal for WooCommerce Plugin

I started describing some of the steps I took recently whil eredesigning my wife’s website. She’s a professional athlete and a personal trainer. We needed a clean. modern design with a reliable eCommerce solution. To get this far, I paired up the Divi theme with WooCommerce. The process was quite simple and I was able to get the launch done quickly. Everything looked and wored pretty well, but a couple things were left to iron out. One of them was the checkout process.

By default, WooCommerce handles a variety of payment options. We are just selling photos and we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. So, we stuck with Paypal. That’s one of the options that WooCommerce supports and it does it pretty well. I just wasn’t quite happy with the integration. There were a few too many steps in th eprocess. Add stuff to the cart, fill out my billing/shipping form, send that off to Paypal, login to Paypal, review things there or fill out your details again, authorize things, come back to the site and finalize. It works, it’s effective, and you might be happy with it, but I didn’t quite like the flow.

I stumbled on the Paypal for WooCommerce plugin by Angelleye Consulting Services quite by accident. It looked promising, but I cruised around the Google machine looking for reviews. It’s a new plugin, so there weren’t many – but what I did see looked promising. I went ahead and installed it for a test run.

Once I had it installed, I just followed the settings. It wasn’t too hard to figure out and took me maybe 20 minutes to sort out – a lot of that time was because I wanted to get all of the settings in place for sandbox and production use all at once. Once I had all my settings in place I ran through a purchase on my sandbox mode. I like the flow. It takes out some steps and just cleans up the process a little. From my cart the user is sent to Paypal to just enter their deets their, all that info comes back to my site and the user just finalizes their purchase. Done.

The developer has been quite active on the forums and they actively work on the plugin. It does a good deal more than what I use it for. If you are looking to better integrate Paypal with your install or you’re looking for more options and features, I’d recommend you give this plugin a look. It might be exactly what you are after.

Almost done with my relaunch series. Tomorrow I’m just going to cover the little CSS changes I needed to make to have everything just right in my install.

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