WordPress 3.8 is in the Wild! Time to Update!

WordPress 3.8 has just been released and I just finished my upgrades, how about you? I know I haven’t been around much on VoodooPress, a newer job and school have been keeping me insanely busy. I just finished my thesis and have one more class left at school – then I hope to keep things up to date here! But I have been keeping up on WordPress just a bit, and 3.8 is looking pretty sweet!

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Admin Panel All Jacked Up? Check for a Hack

So I was looking through Google Reader, and this post went by from Jeffro over on WP Tavern. This was all news to me, so I clicked his source link over on Securi.net. Which got me a bit interested. I had seen a lot of issues on the WP forums lately about wonky admin panels and I wondered if they were related. Turns out that, at least the ones I check, are related. I’m finding script injections in the source code of the sites I check. So if your admin panel has gone bad, please scan your site here. If you find you have issues, check out Jan’s advice here, 4 posts down. Good luck!

If your site is bad on securi, the result will look like:

Suspicious domain detected.
Details: http://sucuri.net/malware/malware-entry-mwblacklisted35
<script src="dph00illi.rr.nu/nl.php?p=d"></script>

The Very Basics of SSH/Shell Access – Navigating Through Command Line

After migrating to Bluehost, or actually, while migrating, I came across a situation where I needed to use SSH to accomplish a task. In my case, it was importing a large mySQL database. There may come a time where you need to use SSH to complete a task. There are many great tutorials out there, but they all seem to assume a basic knowledge of using the command line. I’m not going to give you in depth knowledge here, just the very basics, how to get started and navigate around.

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