Google Apps Emails from an Alias do NOT Show up in Your Inbox – or – How I Wasted 2 Days

Just a little tidbit of info I stumbled across the hard way and wanted to post here just in case any of you run into the same problem. I recently reconfigured all of my WordPress installs (about 9 of them) to be a network. I hope to make a detailed post about that soon enough as it actually went really well. As part of that process, I parked all my domains so they would point to the main network site. Then I killed off all my old subdomains (Bluehost uses subdomains to route addon domains I guess) and databases, just a bunch of cleanup. What I didn’t realize is that during the killing and cleanup, something I did reset all of my MX entries and killed all of my Google Apps Alias email addresses.

It’s no big deal, right? Just populate the MX entries again and good to go. So I did, and much like in the past, sent myself random emails from account to account (all my emails are Aliased, so they all come to my main inbox) to see when the DNS stuff was done. I kept at it for a day. The next day I started going in and tweaking my MX stuff, reading help articles, using MX check tools. It was killing me! I kept working at it all day!

And then… I accidentally clicked on my All Mail box, and there they were. Every single email I’d sent. I Googled this strange behaviour and there it was… email sent from alias to alias/main email does not appear in the main inbox to avoid clutter! Wish I’d seen that sooner or read about that change somewhere as that is how I always tested in the past.

Technical Difficulties

My webhost, Bluehost, is experiencing a severe DDoS attack today. It brought VoodooPress and my blog completely down earlier. They swapped me to a temp server, and I just swapped out IPs in CloudFlare. So everything is back up and running now, but we may see more issues over the next little bit.

Final Domain Swapped, 100% GoDaddy Free!

So a while back I discussed hosting transfers, talking through what I did while moving to bluehost. As part of that change, I also swapped my domains to bluehost. Well, all of them except one. BLuehost doesn’t do .me domains, and I have I didn’t know that when I started swapping to bluehost. And I didn’t want to swap to another registrar because I didn’t want to have to deal with 3 companies. I just realized the error of my thinking. If I swap everything from GoDaddy, I won’t be dealing with them anymore. So, I just decided to try as a registrar for Everything seems to be working perfectly, so I’m now GoDaddy free and loving it! I’ll be reviewing my overall satisfaction with my new companies once I’ve been with them for over a month!

BONUS! – if you stop by namecheap’s homepage, you will see the actively oppose SOPA, which is kind of what started this whole transferring thing rolling. GoDaddy initially supported it.

Send Your WordPress Email From YOU, and Other Email Fixes

I recently came across a problem where none of my emails were getting through to anyone, even me. Registration, comments, forms, etc. They were all hosed up. I’ve got a couple of tricks for you here that fixed things for me. This helped normal WordPress emails, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, etc. First I’ll show you how to send your email from YOU, not, then I’ll tell you what else I did that may be host specific.

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The Very Basics of SSH/Shell Access – Navigating Through Command Line

After migrating to Bluehost, or actually, while migrating, I came across a situation where I needed to use SSH to accomplish a task. In my case, it was importing a large mySQL database. There may come a time where you need to use SSH to complete a task. There are many great tutorials out there, but they all seem to assume a basic knowledge of using the command line. I’m not going to give you in depth knowledge here, just the very basics, how to get started and navigate around.

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VoodooPress is Back Online and Stable

Last night all of The Voodoo Empire sites were offline for several hours. I had just finished switching over my hosting and domains to Bluehost, and then they had a hardware failure. Luckily they have a status page, because I thought I hosed something. Anyway, they got it fixed, and we are back online! I’ve only been a Bluehost member for a few days. Despite the unfortunate downtime, I’m still recommending them. I like the performance so far (My sites are much faster), and the two service requests I’ve had were handled clearly and quickly.

Switching Web Hosting Isn't so Hard, Here's What I Did!

I just completed my first ever hosting switch from GoDaddy to Bluehost. Aside from a couple of easy to fix errors, it went off without a hitch. Since I’d never done this before, I was pretty concerned. I wanted to do it a year ago, but wasn’t sure I could handle it. Now I’m mad I didn’t do it sooner. The process is a little time consuming, but it isn’t hard. I’m going to try to recount how I did everything, and hopefully this can help you out!

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VoodooPress Has Moved

After 4 years, I decided it was time to try a new host. For a variety of reasons, I had just grown tired of GoDaddy. I’m giving BlueHost a try now. The majority of The Voodoo Empire websites have been moved over, I’m going to wrap up today. It was quite painless to switch actually, I’ll do a writeup very soon describing the process for those of you thinking about switching.