Reader Request – Styling Sidebar Content or Widget Areas in the Twenty Twelve Theme

A reader dropped me a comment yesterday wondering how we style the widget areas here on VoodooPress. I’m always happy to answer questions whenever I can, so we will take a look at what I do here, give a little bit of code, and even touch on other things you could do to spruce up your widget area. Let’s dive right in!

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Modify the Width of the New WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme

We just recently switched over to the new Twenty Twelve theme on VoodooPress, and it’s quite a nice theme! But one thing I saw immediately, it’s too narrow! I have been on a kick lately of trying to get all my sites to have nice, lightweight, clean themes. Twenty Twelve fits the bill. But it seems that everyone wants really narrow websites. A lot of folks have bigger monitors, I want to use some of that real estate. I’m not going to cover anything drastic here, but you can go as big or as small as you want with some careful planning. Note that, even though I’m showing how to make the theme wider, this will also work to make the theme narrower. Let’s dig in!

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VoodooPress Facelift Begins

I’ve been a bit torn lately. When VoodooPress launched, WordPress was using the Twenty Ten theme. We made it the goal to always be using the newest WordPress theme. When WordPress launched with Twenty Eleven, we switched over. But this time, Twenty Twelve came out mid-cycle – it didn’t release with a WordPress version. Well, I finally decided to pull the trigger! What we have right now is bare bones Twenty Twelve. I’m about to make a child theme, and will spend the next few weeks slowly customizing the theme. I’ll post anything I figure out as we move along. I definitely plan to make the theme wider, style the widgets, tweak the header, and maybe even get my footer widgets back. Time to play!

Google Fonts, Child Themes, and @import

I’ve been trying to work through some issues after getting a comment on one of my fonts articles. It seems some people have been experiencing some problems getting Google Fonts to work on their child theme. So I was messing around with mine, and I experienced the same unpredictability. After messing around with things, I got mine straightened out, maybe this will help you!

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I Want True Full Width! A Wide Responsive Theme!

So here’s something that I think is totally lacking in WordPress theme that are available. Quality, WIDE themes! Apparently full-width template doesn’t mean to others what it does to me. I’ve been testing a variety of theme on my blog, and I have found a lot of quality stuff to be certain. I plan to keep switching things up now that I’ve made it so easy on myself with my plugin. I literally have every customization I want in there, I just have to install a new theme, figure out what templates do what, make a child theme, and drop in a few custom template tags and I’m good. Less than half an hour of work… BUT, here is what I want!!

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Development Tip: How to Know What Template is Being Used

I’ve been working on an overhaul of my personal blog for a while now. My old theme was pretty bloated, and way more than I needed since I offloaded everything away. The site used to have everything on it, but I moved all my WordPress posts to VoodooPress, and all my Voodoo Empire specific stuff to its own site. My blog doesn’t need all the features it had, and it was slowing things down. I haven’t had time to finish my custom theme, so in the meantime I decided to play around with some available themes, starting with Fanwood from DevPress. I have all of my custom stuff that used to be in the theme living in its own functionality plugin now. So I can activate any new theme, and within 20 minutes, have all my custom stuff in place. But the one problem I ran into – FanWood is a complex theme, not always using the standard WordPress templates I would expect – single.php for instance. Well, what’s an easy way to know what template is being loaded at all times? I’ve got the answer for ya!

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Remove the Home Link From TwentyEleven's Page Fallback Menu

Here’s a quick request. Hopefully by now most of us know how to use WordPress custom menu creator. It works great, and alloows for any type of menu to be created. But let’s say you are using twentyeleven, and you are totally happy with it. And, you don’t feel like making a custom menu… you want to stick with the default fallback, wp_list_pages. The only thing that bugs you is that pesky home link…. here’s the answer!

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Additional Colour Schemes for Your TwentyEleven Child Theme

I’ve wanted to add an additional colour scheme to my child theme here on VoodooPress since the twentyeleven theme first came out in it’s very early stages. I had pecked around at it from the start, but the code kept changing in the early days. After that I got pretty busy, and haven’t been able to revisit the idea until now. With a little bit of help from Alchymyth and Zeaks I’ve got a new colour scheme set up on here. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but the foundation is in place. Let’s take a look at how to add some additional colour schemes to your 2011 child theme.

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