VoodooChild 2011 and the Associated Voodoo Functionality Plugin

OK, we’ve done a good deal of stuff to our twentyeleven child theme already. Changed widths, changed layout, reworked the header to fit our needs, even added an index page widget and 2 new sidebars to the single view. That’s a lot of stuff. I’ve covered it all in various tutorials here on VoodooPress, but maybe you work better with all the code right in front of you? Well you are in luck…I guess? Here’s the VoodooChild2011 and associated Voodoo Functionality plugin. I believe I have properly done function checks in my theme, so that it can run without the plugin. But to get full functionality, the theme works best with the plugin.

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Customizing Twentyeleven, Let's Start With Width and Smaller Header

I dig twentyeleven. It’s got a lot of fun features and it looks pretty good. There were a couple of things I didn’t like, however. The header is kind of GIANT. So I’m going to need to take care of that. Also, although it is flexible width, the maximum width was a bit too narrow for my taste. Also, I need wider sidebars, I don’t like things looking so cramped over there. While I’m messing with the header, I have my own logo for VoodooPress, no need for the site name to be up top. I’m going to get rid of that, and while I’m at it relocate the search and site description to overlay my header image. Finally, I like my widgets to have their own home, they need a nice box to seperate them from the content a little. It’s pretty easy to get this all done, check it out!

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Release of VoodooChild 2010 Theme and VoodooPress Plugin

Well, WordPress 3.2 is right around the corner. And with that release comes the new 2011 theme. And when that happens we will be switching VoodooPress over, and working on a new batch of tutorials. I figured that since we wouldn’t be working on twentyten any more, it would be good to release the VoodooChild 2010 theme for everyone to check out. We’ve got 2 files here for you to play with. One is the actual VoodooChild 2010 theme. It is a twentyten child theme with some modifications doen to it. The other file is the VoodooPress functionality plugin. Just recently we pulled all of our non-theme specific functions out of our theme and put them into a functionality plugin. If you want to actually use the plugin or theme, that’s perfectly cool. But I figured you’d be more interested in just seeing the source code to compare it to the tutorials we have on the site.

Note that if you were to use the theme, the plugin would probably need to be activated first. I didn’t really use function_exists in the theme for my custom functions, as I knew they would exist because I would always have the plugin active. Probably not the best coding in hindsight. But, like I said, I’m really releasing this more for people to look at and learn from rather than to just use.

Hopefully you can find some cool functions in these files to grab out for your own theme. Now stay tuned, we start on VoodooChild 2011 very soon!