Custom Colours in Twenty Fourteen – Get the Green Outta my Theme!

So now we have twenty fourteen in place and I have a child theme started. Of course you remember we always use child themes when editing a theme, right? If not, have a quick read of this old article. It was written back when we were on 2010 but it’s just as relevant now on 2014! Our child theme is set up to pull in the default CSS usnig the @import code, so everything looks the same. I’m just not a huge fan of green, so here’s what I did!

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Google Fonts, Child Themes, and @import

I’ve been trying to work through some issues after getting a comment on one of my fonts articles. It seems some people have been experiencing some problems getting Google Fonts to work on their child theme. So I was messing around with mine, and I experienced the same unpredictability. After messing around with things, I got mine straightened out, maybe this will help you!

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Fun 3d CSS3 Effect for wp-Pagenavi Plugin

Alright, this won’t be much of a tutorial per se. I’ve just been messing around a fair bit with a sh’load of code lately. I’m trying to overhaul my blog. Thing is, I’m not good at this stuff. I guess I’m not a designer. I can figure out how to code what I want… I just don’t know what I want. This is gonna take months. I figured I’d share some fun stuff as I make it up! So here is something for the popular wp-pagenavi plugin!

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CSS3 Featured Image Style and Hover Animation Effects

Lately I have been (slowly) working on an overhaul for my personal blog. I haven’t made a custom theme in well over a year. Also, I’m no designer. Making a theme is a long and drawn out process for me. But one thing I did know is that I wanted to really lighten up the site, make it not so dark, but also give it a bit of a fun feel. A great way to accomplish this is with some great CSS3 effects. One thing I had to work out was how to be able to use CSS3 on the featured image. I’m sure this is simple if you are experienced, but I hack my way through things, so this one took me a minute to figure out.

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Finishing Twentyeleven: Adjusting Margins, Widgets, and the Header

Let’s finish what we started yesterday. We’ve started up a new child theme, and made a few customizations to twentyeleven through our child theme already. We’ve got a wider theme, a wider header image (but shorter), and we’ve allowed ourselves to use little images for our featured image header if we want. Let’s finish this up by reducing white space, adjusting the header some more, and wrapping the widgets.

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