Customizing Twentyeleven, Let's Start With Width and Smaller Header

I dig twentyeleven. It’s got a lot of fun features and it looks pretty good. There were a couple of things I didn’t like, however. The header is kind of GIANT. So I’m going to need to take care of that. Also, although it is flexible width, the maximum width was a bit too narrow for my taste. Also, I need wider sidebars, I don’t like things looking so cramped over there. While I’m messing with the header, I have my own logo for VoodooPress, no need for the site name to be up top. I’m going to get rid of that, and while I’m at it relocate the search and site description to overlay my header image. Finally, I like my widgets to have their own home, they need a nice box to seperate them from the content a little. It’s pretty easy to get this all done, check it out!

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Twenty Ten Child Theme CSS Wrapup

We have spent several tutorials customizing our Voodoo Child Twenty Ten Child Theme. We’ve done some customizing to our functions.php, header.php and style.css. If you’ve followed along you may want to compare notes. Back on this post we reviewed our header.php fully. I’m just making this post so you can take a look at my css so far in case you would like to compare. It’s got all the changes we’ve made in it so far. Header changes, width changes, removing site title, etc. Here it is:

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Custom Styling for Our Post Formats On Our Child Theme

This is pretty much the last step in getting our child theme set up. As in the basic styling. Before I start to dig in and see what I can accomplish, I had to take care of the basic styling. So we have a pretty complete child theme, and we’ve gained some real useful knowledge on how things work. Let’s just take a look at one last thing, let’s get those post formats styled. We recently learned how to add in all of the post formats to our child theme if we wanted to, but now we want to make them really stand out.

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Wrapping the Widgets in a Nice CSS3 Box

I like the way our Twenty Ten child theme looks after making it a bit wider. Everything has opened up, the widgets especially don’t look so cramped. However, I still don’t feel like they stand out enough. I find that things just kind of look like they are floating over there, competing with the content and looking a bit out of place. I think a great way to take care of that would be to just wrap them up in their own nice little box. Let’s take a look at some simple css.

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Changing the Width of a TwentyTen Child Theme

One thing I noticed about the TwentyTen theme, is that everything is a bit too narrow for my personal preference. The widget column, the post area, the theme overall. So I decided to go ahead and make everything just a bit wider. I like my themes to always be around 1010px wide. But by default, TwentyTen is only 940px wide. I thought making the theme a bit wider would look nicer, and also allow me to make the sidebar a bit wider. This is a very simple edit, but be forewarned….. there’s math involved!

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