GenerateWP – A Helpful Site for Generating WordPress Code

More times than not, I write posts here on VoodooPress to help myself find useful information later on down the road. I like to post it so I can find it; but I hope it helps my readers as well. I know I’m going to want to remember this site. GenerateWP has a good deal of useful tools and it looks like it is constantly being updated with new tools. Let me tell you why I think this is cool.

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Building a 'Responsive' Adsense Widget for the Twenty Twelve Theme

UPDATE 07/31/2013: Google has finally offered up the beginnings of a solution – quite similar to what we have been using. You can check out my article here!

NOTE: My adsense account has been deactivated. And the fine folks at Google simply don’t bother explaining why they deactivate accounts – they just do it. If I ever find out why I will forward that info on. For now, I would recommend you do not use the guide I have below – in case that is the problem.

Over the past two days, I’ve put up a couple articles relating to widgetizing the twenty twelve header and guidance for adding multiple items up there while accounting for 2012’s responsive nature. I wanted to finish up today by showing my solution for running Google Adsense ads to the header while still maintaining the responsive nature of the theme as best we can, let’s dig in!

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Reader Request – Styling Sidebar Content or Widget Areas in the Twenty Twelve Theme

A reader dropped me a comment yesterday wondering how we style the widget areas here on VoodooPress. I’m always happy to answer questions whenever I can, so we will take a look at what I do here, give a little bit of code, and even touch on other things you could do to spruce up your widget area. Let’s dive right in!

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WP Theme Generator – The Voodoo Review

Well, this is a first here on VoodooPress! Now we’ve given some pretty brief reviews of products before, but those were simply things I was using – and felt obliged to mention. I figure if I’m using something and it works, or doesn’t work, it’s my job to let all you WordPress peeps know about it! It’s best for the community when we all share what we learn! This time I was approached by WP Theme Generator and asked if I would check out their product. I thought, why not? It looked like a cool product, so I figured we should all check it out together! Just a note, this isn’t a paid review – I was given access to the product so I could thoroughly test, but was not paid. So these opinions are completely my own! Let’s dive in!

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I Want True Full Width! A Wide Responsive Theme!

So here’s something that I think is totally lacking in WordPress theme that are available. Quality, WIDE themes! Apparently full-width template doesn’t mean to others what it does to me. I’ve been testing a variety of theme on my blog, and I have found a lot of quality stuff to be certain. I plan to keep switching things up now that I’ve made it so easy on myself with my plugin. I literally have every customization I want in there, I just have to install a new theme, figure out what templates do what, make a child theme, and drop in a few custom template tags and I’m good. Less than half an hour of work… BUT, here is what I want!!

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Set Your Featured Image Automagically From the First Image in the Post

Here’s a nifty trick that just came through my RSS reader. Let’s give credit where it’s due first because I didn’t come up with this! It came through my reader from the WP Snippets site, this post right here. We’re going to grab the first image from the post, and set it as your featured image automagically!

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Development Tip: How to Know What Template is Being Used

I’ve been working on an overhaul of my personal blog for a while now. My old theme was pretty bloated, and way more than I needed since I offloaded everything away. The site used to have everything on it, but I moved all my WordPress posts to VoodooPress, and all my Voodoo Empire specific stuff to its own site. My blog doesn’t need all the features it had, and it was slowing things down. I haven’t had time to finish my custom theme, so in the meantime I decided to play around with some available themes, starting with Fanwood from DevPress. I have all of my custom stuff that used to be in the theme living in its own functionality plugin now. So I can activate any new theme, and within 20 minutes, have all my custom stuff in place. But the one problem I ran into – FanWood is a complex theme, not always using the standard WordPress templates I would expect – single.php for instance. Well, what’s an easy way to know what template is being loaded at all times? I’ve got the answer for ya!

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Send Your WordPress Email From YOU, and Other Email Fixes

I recently came across a problem where none of my emails were getting through to anyone, even me. Registration, comments, forms, etc. They were all hosed up. I’ve got a couple of tricks for you here that fixed things for me. This helped normal WordPress emails, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, etc. First I’ll show you how to send your email from YOU, not, then I’ll tell you what else I did that may be host specific.

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Time to Discuss Site Functionality Plugin Again

I’m going to borrow a page from Otto, and discuss a functionality plugin again. I hope you’ll read this article all the way through. I fully intend to help you make your WordPress life so much easier. We’re going to make a site-specific plugin, and I’ll even give you the bare bones for free! I avoided making my plugin for years, and realize how painful that made everything. These plugins are amazingly easy, and essential really.

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