To Celebrate 1 Year, Let's do a Little Giveaway. Suggestions?

At the end of January, VoodooPress will turn 1 year old! It’s been a fun year so far. I’ve learned a lot about WordPress, and I’ve helped a lot of people. To celebrate, I want to give away some VoodooPress swag. Maybe a couple of shirts, and a couple of other things. Just to have a little fun. I’d like to use it as an opportunity to get VoodooPress spread around a little. Maybe using Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Anybody have any experience doing something like this, or know of any resources for guiding me on the best way to get folks involved, get VoodooPress out there, and have a little fun with it?

VoodooPress has Sitelinks on Google, That's Cool.

OK, so all of my websites are pretty small. I just do my thing, and hope people enjoy a little bit of it. I just noticed that VoodooPress has sitelinks in a lot of the searches that come up for it. Makes it look all official and important and stuff! I think it’s kinda cool, but more importantly, I hope it help people find our stuff!

Add Google Analytics Code With a Simple Hook

I recently posted an article about the importance of child themes.  For now the article is over on my blog, but soon I will move it over here as I get this site going.  But since I just started this site, and for the time being have decided to stick with the Twenty Ten theme, I had to take my own advice and make a child theme.  I’ve called it Voodoo Child, which is a fun name.  I figured as I started doing things to build up the site, I would keep track of little bits and pieces here to help others.

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