Assign Default Featured Images to Post by Category

I have been working on a new website recently – On My Bike. It’s a personal motivation website, I’m doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, etc. while I shop for a new bicycle. Once I get the bike I want to monitor some stats, etc. So I use IFTTT to relay data from my bike rides, scale, etc. to that new WordPress site. Those posts are automatic and I don’t get to set my featured image as they post. The theme I am using really looks best when featured images are included, so I wanted to add specific featured images per category since my auto posts are assigned their own categories. Here’s how I got that done.

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Set Your Featured Image Automagically From the First Image in the Post

Here’s a nifty trick that just came through my RSS reader. Let’s give credit where it’s due first because I didn’t come up with this! It came through my reader from the WP Snippets site, this post right here. We’re going to grab the first image from the post, and set it as your featured image automagically!

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CSS3 Lightbox Effect For Your Featured Images

I keep mentioning that I’m slowly working on a custom theme for my personal blog. I work in fits and starts whenever something inspires me. Well today that inspiration struck! I saw this post from c.bavota of and I really wanted to work this out. One of my main goals for my new theme is to keep things lightweight, and use css whenever possible. This gave me my opportunity! First you’ll need to check out the link above to see how the idea works. Then we adapt:

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Reader Request – Use Category Slug Based Images for Posts

One of our VoodooPress readers had a question recently. Seems they were using the front end posting form we started talking about here.¬†They became concerned that allowing users to upload new images for every post using this technique would soon fill their hosting allotment. That’s a valid concern. Let’s look at one possible technique here.

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Featured Image in WordPress RSS Feed, Revisited

So when I finished up with my twentyeleven child theme, I had an even wider header image than my previous child theme. A while ago we covered how to include featured or attached images in our RSS feed. Well, that technique works great, but it uses the default image size of your theme, whatever that is defined as. With a 1050x175px header image, that looked a bit silly in my feed. So I just adjusted the featured image size by including a specific image for my feed. Check this out!

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