WordPress 3.9, Smith, was Just Dropped to the Masses – Time for an Update

I just noticed that WordPress 3.9 has been released. I swung through all of my sites and got everything upgraded. So far, I haven’t found any issues! I recommend you check out the release post here and get to your updates! There are some mighty fine looking enhancements this time around! I haven’t had the chance to fully play with everything yet, but we are looking at better overall media handling, image replacement, image loading, and image editing as well as a much improved gallery feature, and crazy cool audio/video features like playlists! To help you style everything, the widgets and headers got some live preview love, while the theme browser is looking mighty fine!

Go get yourself some brand new WordPress and let me know what you think!!

VoodooPress Now Runs a 2013 Child Theme

VoodooPress has always been a great resource for customizing those child themes. We always run the latest default theme from WordPress and have some fun tweaking it up a bit. In the spirit of that, we’ve thrown the switch and have a 2013 child theme. Not much is done yet, just the basic functionality. Stay tuned, we will be fully customizing the site over the coming weeks – making things wider, playing with the header, changing the colour scheme. It’s all in the works!

I Want True Full Width! A Wide Responsive Theme!

So here’s something that I think is totally lacking in WordPress theme that are available. Quality, WIDE themes! Apparently full-width template doesn’t mean to others what it does to me. I’ve been testing a variety of theme on my blog, and I have found a lot of quality stuff to be certain. I plan to keep switching things up now that I’ve made it so easy on myself with my plugin. I literally have every customization I want in there, I just have to install a new theme, figure out what templates do what, make a child theme, and drop in a few custom template tags and I’m good. Less than half an hour of work… BUT, here is what I want!!

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Adding and Removing Default Headers in TwentyEleven

After helping someone through some issues with adding and removing the default headers in twentyeleven, I thought that would be a great idea for our next tutorial. So we are going to cover adding and removing default headers to the twentyeleven theme. The techniques are the same as with twentyten, so keep reading if you are using that one. We will also look into how to set one of your headers as the default as well. This is pretty simple for you, let’s dig in!

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Finishing Twentyeleven: Adjusting Margins, Widgets, and the Header

Let’s finish what we started yesterday. We’ve started up a new child theme, and made a few customizations to twentyeleven through our child theme already. We’ve got a wider theme, a wider header image (but shorter), and we’ve allowed ourselves to use little images for our featured image header if we want. Let’s finish this up by reducing white space, adjusting the header some more, and wrapping the widgets.

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Customizing Twentyeleven, Let's Start With Width and Smaller Header

I dig twentyeleven. It’s got a lot of fun features and it looks pretty good. There were a couple of things I didn’t like, however. The header is kind of GIANT. So I’m going to need to take care of that. Also, although it is flexible width, the maximum width was a bit too narrow for my taste. Also, I need wider sidebars, I don’t like things looking so cramped over there. While I’m messing with the header, I have my own logo for VoodooPress, no need for the site name to be up top. I’m going to get rid of that, and while I’m at it relocate the search and site description to overlay my header image. Finally, I like my widgets to have their own home, they need a nice box to seperate them from the content a little. It’s pretty easy to get this all done, check it out!

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