Simplifying My Checkout Process on the Relaunch – Angelleye's Paypal for WooCommerce Plugin

I started describing some of the steps I took recently whil eredesigning my wife’s website. She’s a professional athlete and a personal trainer. We needed a clean. modern design with a reliable eCommerce solution. To get this far, I paired up the Divi theme with WooCommerce. The process was quite simple and I was able to get the launch done quickly. Everything looked and wored pretty well, but a couple things were left to iron out. One of them was the checkout process.

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I Finally Gave WooCommerce a Try on the Web Relaunch

Not a lot of opportunity to post over here on VoodooPress lately. I did finally graduate with my Master’s last week, that was a big piece of what was keeping me from doing anything WordPressy for the past three years. That’s not to say I’ve been completely absent, after all, I have many websites to run! I just haven’t been able to post about it.

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VoodooPress has Switched Over to the Twenty Fourteen Theme – More to Come!

Ever since VoodooPress launched, the goal has been to provide you with some fairly simple tips and tricks for getting your site running how you want! Part of that comes from always running the latest default theme and customizing it a bit to show you how it’s done. Sure we sometimes do more complicated things here, but the simple things are really important, especially for newer WordPress users who are looking to just do some minor tweaks. So here we go, 2014 is in place, look for some child theme tips coming soon!

InfiniteWP Hits Version 2.0, Major Upgrades and Coolness!

A while back, we gave the Voodoo Review to InfiniteWP and I liked what I saw from launch. There are a variety of managing options for WordPress, but InfiniteWP was a bit different. I got to keep it in-house, this installs on my own server, uses my own URL, and manages everything. From the start we could upgrade WordPress, update plugins and themes, and run backups. But I just finished upgrading my install of InfiniteWP, and I like what I see.

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Contest Ideas… Thoughts?

So I just ordered a big box of VoodooPress shirts. Coincidentally, Our first anniversary is soon. We actually installed WordPress on Jan. 31 2011, and launched on Feb. 16 2011. In honour of that, I was thinking of giving away 10 shirts. I’ll have 6 ways to enter. Follow me on facebook, twitter, or google+ Or share a  tweet, FB post, or G+ post. I’ll open the contest on Jan. 31, and close it on Feb. 16th. Cool right? Historically significant and shit! Anyway, contest comes soon…. I hope you will play along!

Almost Time to Launch!

I know this site is live already!  But I haven’t really promoted it or anything yet.  I think I’ll get 10 quality help posts up, and then start.