MobileChief – A Plugin Designed to Make Mobile Site Creation Painless! The Voodoo Review

MobileChief is a new plugin being released by the folks at PluginChief. The goal of the plugin is to ease the process of creating a dedicated mobile site. I was approached by PluginChief about reviewing this new plugin, and I was intrigued. My idea of a mobile site is to grab a responsive theme, and call it a day. I’ve never much concerned myself with any sort of dedicated mobile offering. So I’m a bit of a novice in this area. Why don’t we go ahead and get the MobileChief plugin installed and see what we can accomplish – and while we’re at it, take a look at what else PluginChief has to offer.

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InfiniteWP – The Voodoo Review

It’s been a fun week here at VoodooPress. I’m pretty new to the whole reviewing thing. But I really enjoy learning about anything to do with WordPress, and I love passing the info to all of you. This time I was approached by the Infinite WordPress (InfiniteWP) ¬†folks to review their product. This is a new product, and I can definitely see a future here. I can tell you now, I’m keeping it installed, and I’m excited to see where this goes! If you are interested at all in a central way to manage your installs, read on! (Just a note, this is NOT a paid review – these are my honest thoughts after trying InfiniteWP out)

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Test Bulk Post Using ManageWP

So I’ve had the ManageWP ad running on my site recently as part of the PressedAds network. I like to knmow what I’m advertising, so I gave it a whirl. If this post works, it will appear on all of my sites simultaneously. If that works, I’ll be writing up a quick review shortly of the product. It’s definitely got some neat features.

Fun 3d CSS3 Effect for wp-Pagenavi Plugin

Alright, this won’t be much of a tutorial per se. I’ve just been messing around a fair bit with a sh’load of code lately. I’m trying to overhaul my blog. Thing is, I’m not good at this stuff. I guess I’m not a designer. I can figure out how to code what I want… I just don’t know what I want. This is gonna take months. I figured I’d share some fun stuff as I make it up! So here is something for the popular wp-pagenavi plugin!

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Make a Simple Native Android/Blackberry App for Your WordPress Site With JoeMobi

I’ve been experimenting a fair bit with these Android app maker services. There are quite a few that produce quality results. One thing to keep in mind, if you want a truly stunning custom app, you’ll have to learn to make one, or pay somebody. It’s just too much for a plugin or website to handle, especially for free. That being said, I made an app¬†using the JoeMobi service/plugin, and I’m pretty happy with it! Here’s the gig:

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VoodooPress Android App Available

VoodooPress AppI recently saw something about JoeMobi scroll by on my Google reader. It said the service was a quick way to make an Android app with your WordPress content. I wanted to give it a try real quick. It’s actually pretty cool. Nothing super special, but it presents all the VoodooPress content neatly, and I like it. Even my code samples are presented nice and neat. Scan the code or download the .apk file here! I’ll write a bit more about the whole process soon, in case you are interested.

Time to Discuss Site Functionality Plugin Again

I’m going to borrow a page from Otto, and discuss a functionality plugin again. I hope you’ll read this article all the way through. I fully intend to help you make your WordPress life so much easier. We’re going to make a site-specific plugin, and I’ll even give you the bare bones for free! I avoided making my plugin for years, and realize how painful that made everything. These plugins are amazingly easy, and essential really.

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