Edit and Delete posts from front end with no plugin

This is a continuous tutorial to the “post from your front end” tutorial by voodoo. I will break the tutorial to two parts to make it easier. First part will be creating “my-posts.php” template file. This file displays a list of posts (approved and pending) of a user when he is logged in when each post will have “Edit” and “Delete” buttons. Clicking on “delete” button of a post will instantly delete it. Clicking on “Edit” will send the user to “edit-post.php” file that we will create in the second part of this tutorial.

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Full Front End Editor in WordPress 3.3

Here’s a link to an article I think several of us are going to want to look at. The forthcoming WordPress 3.3 release is going to make it quite easy to add the full editor on the front end. We have a very active discussion going on VoodooPress where we’ve established how to post from the front end. I’m not going to have time to work on this for a bit, but wanted to point out the links. Hopefully someone can get this going. It looks like it will be pretty simple for us to get a full editor on our front end posting. If someone works this out, let us know in the comments. Maybe make a full post on your site and link it here, or you can write a guest post on VoodooPress about it.

History of the Post Editor

Well this is a really nifty article to read over. Marck V. documents the evolution of the post editor on WordPress. I jumped in around version 2.0 or 2.1 if I recall correctly. I didn’t really understand what I was doing however until much later. If you like WordPress, check out the article to see how far we’ve come!