WP Theme Generator – The Voodoo Review

Well, this is a first here on VoodooPress! Now we’ve given some pretty brief reviews of products before, but those were simply things I was using – and felt obliged to mention. I figure if I’m using something and it works, or doesn’t work, it’s my job to let all you WordPress peeps know about it! It’s best for the community when we all share what we learn! This time I was approached by WP Theme Generator and asked if I would check out their product. I thought, why not? It looked like a cool product, so I figured we should all check it out together! Just a note, this isn’t a paid review – I was given access to the product so I could thoroughly test, but was not paid. So these opinions are completely my own! Let’s dive in!

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Post Formats and Developers, Why so Slow on the Uptake?

Well recently I’ve been looking at overhauling my personal blog. At first, I really didn’t feel like starting from scratch. I was hoping to grab a great theme, and rework it for my needs. Something I noticed, not a lot of people have quality post format support yet. What gives? When I realized that I would have to rework a theme to include post formats, and style each of those differently, that was a fair bit of work. I might as well just do the whole thing myself.

There’s my question, why aren’t post formats getting some quality lovin’? I’d probably buy a theme if I could find more options with the formats.

Separating Post Formats in Twenty Ten Child Theme for Easier Additions and Edits

Our recent posts have all been in support of adding post formats in a twenty ten child theme. This post will have the same goal. There is really no way to easily add in another loop for a new post format in a twenty ten child theme. I thought about this for quite some time before settling on my solution. It is based somewhat on this write-up I made a while back. What we are going to do today is make a new loop.php in our child theme which uses get_template_part with the post formats to call to a format specific snippet of code. There will be no new code in the format files, I’ll just grab the appropriate portion of code from twenty ten’s loop.php, and put them in the right files. Our new loop.php will just be twentyten’s, with all the post display stuff removed, and a bit of code for calling the proper template part. The cool thing about this is it will let you easily add in different code for each format. There are a variety of ways to do this, but here’s mine:

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Custom Styling for Our Post Formats On Our Child Theme

This is pretty much the last step in getting our child theme set up. As in the basic styling. Before I start to dig in and see what I can accomplish, I had to take care of the basic styling. So we have a pretty complete child theme, and we’ve gained some real useful knowledge on how things work. Let’s just take a look at one last thing, let’s get those post formats styled. We recently learned how to add in all of the post formats to our child theme if we wanted to, but now we want to make them really stand out.

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Additional Post Formats For TwentyTen Child Theme, And Post Formats in General

EDIT: I recently found out a better way to add post formats to a Twenty-Ten child theme, scroll to the bottom of the post to check it out!

As we announced yesterday, WordPress 3.1 was released. Hopefully you have all upgraded by now. If not, get to it. Remember to always keep your install up to date with the latest release. Not just for the cool new features, but for security too. Anyway, if you recently upgraded to 3.1, you may be asking yourself the same question as I see others asking. Where are my post formats? WordPress 3.1 promised lots of different post formats, where are they? Let’s answer that question and tell you how to get them going if you don’t have them.

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