Building a 'Responsive' Adsense Widget for the Twenty Twelve Theme

UPDATE 07/31/2013: Google has finally offered up the beginnings of a solution – quite similar to what we have been using. You can check out my article here!

NOTE: My adsense account has been deactivated. And the fine folks at Google simply don’t bother explaining why they deactivate accounts – they just do it. If I ever find out why I will forward that info on. For now, I would recommend you do not use the guide I have below – in case that is the problem.

Over the past two days, I’ve put up a couple articles relating to widgetizing the twenty twelve header and guidance for adding multiple items up there while accounting for 2012’s responsive nature. I wanted to finish up today by showing my solution for running Google Adsense ads to the header while still maintaining the responsive nature of the theme as best we can, let’s dig in!

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Making a Basic Plugin and Widget to Display Followers, Fans and Subscribers

I’ve never made a plugin before. I really never thought I had a need. But recently I changed my way of thinking. So I decided to learn how to make a plugin to display my followers, fans and subscribers in a widget. Now this widget is about as basic as possible. But it’s a starting point. I learned something, and maybe you can too! Let’s take a look at the why and how.

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