WordPress 3.9, Smith, was Just Dropped to the Masses – Time for an Update

I just noticed that WordPress 3.9 has been released. I swung through all of my sites and got everything upgraded. So far, I haven’t found any issues! I recommend you check out the release post here and get to your updates! There are some mighty fine looking enhancements this time around! I haven’t had the chance to fully play with everything yet, but we are looking at better overall media handling, image replacement, image loading, and image editing as well as a much improved gallery feature, and crazy cool audio/video features like playlists! To help you style everything, the widgets and headers got some live preview love, while the theme browser is looking mighty fine!

Go get yourself some brand new WordPress and let me know what you think!!

WordPress 3.8 is in the Wild! Time to Update!

WordPress 3.8 has just been released and I just finished my upgrades, how about you? I know I haven’t been around much on VoodooPress, a newer job and school have been keeping me insanely busy. I just finished my thesis and have one more class left at school – then I hope to keep things up to date here! But I have been keeping up on WordPress just a bit, and 3.8 is looking pretty sweet!

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WordPress 3.6 has Dropped, Time to Upgrade!

Last night the newest release of WordPress was released into the wild – version 3.6. Have you upgraded yet? I immediately updated all of my sites (with 1 click thanks to InfiniteWP) and after clicking around I seem to have no issues or conflicts – that’s always nice! You can read the official release post here, I’d also recommend cruising by WPBeginner and checking out what they have to say for a more detailed look into 3.6.

VoodooPress always runs a child theme of the most recent default WordPress theme. On that note, sometime over the next month I’ll switch over to th enew 2013 theme and we will customize it and get those tutorials out to you! I’m a bit tied up with school and work right now – finals week is next week. Once I get over this hurdle, we will get some fun new content up!

WordPress 3.5 is Here – Time to Upgrade and Enjoy Some Pretty Fancy Changes!

WordPress 3.5 has just dropped on the masses. It’s time to play the upgrade game! Hopefully you’ve taken the time to maybe install it locally, or run it on a test site (I keep one handy in a subdomain) with your themes and plugins – just to make sure you don’t run into any problems. This is a pretty nice release, you can check out the release notes on the WP blog of course, but what has changed?

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VoodooPress Facelift Begins

I’ve been a bit torn lately. When VoodooPress launched, WordPress was using the Twenty Ten theme. We made it the goal to always be using the newest WordPress theme. When WordPress launched with Twenty Eleven, we switched over. But this time, Twenty Twelve came out mid-cycle – it didn’t release with a WordPress version. Well, I finally decided to pull the trigger! What we have right now is bare bones Twenty Twelve. I’m about to make a child theme, and will spend the next few weeks slowly customizing the theme. I’ll post anything I figure out as we move along. I definitely plan to make the theme wider, style the widgets, tweak the header, and maybe even get my footer widgets back. Time to play!

WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 Is In the Wild! Do You Have a Testing Environment Yet?

The announcement was made earlier today! Do you have a testing environment yet? If not, I’d recommend you get one! I have one set up in a subdomain off of my personal blog! I leave it open to the public (I use it to show solutions to people’s problems on the forums, or here) but Iit looks a mess right now, I have the early stages dev version of the 2012 theme on it. That being said, here’s the gist of WP 3.4:

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WordPress 3.3 Has Moved to Release Candidate Stage!

We are finally moving from Beta to Release Candidate (RC). Are you ready? If you have any custom themes or plugins, have you tested them? Have you checked out all the details of the release yet? Release Candidate is usually the stage where I start switching over my sites, starting with the least complicated. You can do the same on a simple site, and play around a bit. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with a complicated site, lots of jQuery plugins, or a site that would hurt if it went down. But in those circumstances, you should have a copy test site, and should already know if WP3.3 is going to cause any issues.