Make an Interesting and Useful Archive or Explore Page for Your WordPress Site

I had set up an Archive page on my personal blog a while ago for folks to Explore the site with. My original intent was to give users a variety of ways, in one place, to locate content which might interest them. My secondary goal was to cut down on widgets in my sidebar. I wanted to put up some cool widgets, but also wanted to list categories, archives by date, etc. Having that all in the sidebar takes a lot of space. I thought an archive page was great way to cut down on sidebar clutter. Here’s my thought process, and some cool tips!

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Customize Your Excerpt Length Per Template

I’ve seen a variety of posts from people devising different ways to customize the_excerpt length. In WordPress, most people are familiar with 2 ways to display their content: the_content, and the_excerpt. Both give fairly predictable results as to what you get. the_content gives you all of your content, with formatting intact. the_excerpt gives you your set excerpt, stripping away formatting, links, etc. But you had one excerpt length, and that was it! What if you want various excerpts? Well I’ve seen ways to craft various excerpts by creating different functions that had to be called per template, but as of WP 3.3 that is no more! Check it out!

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