CSS3 Lightbox Effect For Your Featured Images

I keep mentioning that I’m slowly working on a custom theme for my personal blog. I work in fits and starts whenever something inspires me. Well today that inspiration struck! I saw this post from c.bavota of bavotasan.com and I really wanted to work this out. One of my main goals for my new theme is to keep things lightweight, and use css whenever possible. This gave me my opportunity! First you’ll need to check out the link above to see how the idea works. Then we adapt:

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Reader Request – Use Category Slug Based Images for Posts

One of our VoodooPress readers had a question recently. Seems they were using the front end posting form we started talking about here.¬†They became concerned that allowing users to upload new images for every post using this technique would soon fill their hosting allotment. That’s a valid concern. Let’s look at one possible technique here.

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Working With Featured Image in WordPress

I had a request from a reader here on VoodooPress to look into featured image sizes. Recently we had a series of posts on here about posting from the front end, and allowing users to upload their own picture. We even showed you how to set the user uploaded picture as a featured image. Let’s take a deeper look at using the featured images. Maybe assign different sizes to different templates. You don’t have to use this just for user uploaded photos of course. This information is useful for the featured image in general, whether you let users upload them, or you set them in the back end.

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