WordPress 3.9, Smith, was Just Dropped to the Masses – Time for an Update

I just noticed that WordPress 3.9 has been released. I swung through all of my sites and got everything upgraded. So far, I haven’t found any issues! I recommend you check out the release post here and get to your updates! There are some mighty fine looking enhancements this time around! I haven’t had the chance to fully play with everything yet, but we are looking at better overall media handling, image replacement, image loading, and image editing as well as a much improved gallery feature, and crazy cool audio/video features like playlists! To help you style everything, the widgets and headers got some live preview love, while the theme browser is looking mighty fine!

Go get yourself some brand new WordPress and let me know what you think!!

More on the ankhjii.com Relaunch – Selecting a Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes

Yesterday I was discussing my experiences with relaunching my wife’s personal training and figure competition website, ankhjii.com. In that post I was talking about the decisions I made on relaunch and selecting WooCommerce for our eCommerce solution. Like I discussed in that post, I’m normally a roll your own solution kind of guy. I like to code my own stuff or use minimal plugins with my own adaptation. That’s an old mindset, back 5 or 6 years ago, the WordPress ecosystem wasn’t nearly what it was today. It was difficult to find a plugin that would do what I want and even harder to find a quality theme. Times have changed, here’s my theme selection story.

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I Finally Gave WooCommerce a Try on the Ankhjii.com Web Relaunch

Not a lot of opportunity to post over here on VoodooPress lately. I did finally graduate with my Master’s last week, that was a big piece of what was keeping me from doing anything WordPressy for the past three years. That’s not to say I’ve been completely absent, after all, I have many websites to run! I just haven’t been able to post about it.

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WordPress 3.6 Beta is Out, Have You Tested Yet?

If you haven’t heard the news, WordPress 3.6 is just around the corner! There are plenty of posts around the internet for you to find out what all is changing so I won’t rehash all of that! The important thing here is that you test it! I hope by now you all have a testing environment set up. I do it on a subdomain. But it is important for a couple of reasons.

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Win a Free Membership to Elegant Themes From VoodooPress!

Well Hallowe’en has come and gone, now we’re all left facing a terrible candy hangover. How can you fight the morning after shame that only 30 Snickers can bring? You could change your looks by celebrating Novembeard (also known as Movember and Noshavember). But why scare away your loved ones with a patchy week old beard? You could just give that WordPress site of yours a fantastic facelift with one of these amazing looking WordPress Themes. VoodooPress has teamed up with Elegant Themes to offer a few completely free memberships for you, our lovely readers (even with a patchy beard). Read on for the details!

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Hmmm… Where to Advertise on 2012 Theme?

I’m trying to work through how I want to position advertising on the 2012 theme. I just don’t like it in the sidebar much. I’m considering getting rid of the current login/out/register float I have up top. I think a bar along the top of the screen, inside the wrapper, not stuck to the top might work. Like right above the nav menu… maybe style it up like my widget areas, float login stuff left and the ad to the right. What do you think? Not the advertising in general, but if you were trying to position ‘something’ on this theme that you wanted to be visible/useful, where would you put it? Do you think any areas lend themselves better to user interaction than others?

WordPress 3.4 on its Way?

The 2010 and 2011 themes just had updates hit VoodooPress. I’m betting WordPress 3.4 is right behind! I hope everyone is ready for another fun round of upgrades! Theme Customizer, here I come!

InfiniteWP – The Voodoo Review

It’s been a fun week here at VoodooPress. I’m pretty new to the whole reviewing thing. But I really enjoy learning about anything to do with WordPress, and I love passing the info to all of you. This time I was approached by the Infinite WordPress (InfiniteWP)  folks to review their product. This is a new product, and I can definitely see a future here. I can tell you now, I’m keeping it installed, and I’m excited to see where this goes! If you are interested at all in a central way to manage your installs, read on! (Just a note, this is NOT a paid review – these are my honest thoughts after trying InfiniteWP out)

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WP Theme Generator – The Voodoo Review

Well, this is a first here on VoodooPress! Now we’ve given some pretty brief reviews of products before, but those were simply things I was using – and felt obliged to mention. I figure if I’m using something and it works, or doesn’t work, it’s my job to let all you WordPress peeps know about it! It’s best for the community when we all share what we learn! This time I was approached by WP Theme Generator and asked if I would check out their product. I thought, why not? It looked like a cool product, so I figured we should all check it out together! Just a note, this isn’t a paid review – I was given access to the product so I could thoroughly test, but was not paid. So these opinions are completely my own! Let’s dive in!

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Customize Your Excerpt Length Per Template

I’ve seen a variety of posts from people devising different ways to customize the_excerpt length. In WordPress, most people are familiar with 2 ways to display their content: the_content, and the_excerpt. Both give fairly predictable results as to what you get. the_content gives you all of your content, with formatting intact. the_excerpt gives you your set excerpt, stripping away formatting, links, etc. But you had one excerpt length, and that was it! What if you want various excerpts? Well I’ve seen ways to craft various excerpts by creating different functions that had to be called per template, but as of WP 3.3 that is no more! Check it out!

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