WordPress 3.4 Will Automatically Detect Page Templates in a Subdirectory

Andrew Nacin made a nifty announcement recently. I know a few of you guys are really keen on keeping your themes sorted out into various folders. Well, now you can keep all of your page templates in their own folder (1 level deep) and they will be detected automatically! Read his post for all the deets, but also read that caution… moving any existing templates will unassign them from any pages they may be assigned to.

Twenty Twelve Theme Will no Longer Ship With WordPress 3.4

It wasn’t that long ago that I made a post about my excitement to be getting a new theme, twentytwelve (2012) which would be shipping with WordPress 3.4. You see, I always run the latest and greatest default WordPress theme here on VoodooPress, tweaked through a child theme of course – to fit my needs. But according to this discussion over on the WordPress Development Blog, time is running out on the development cycle for WP 3.4, and the 2012 theme isn’tt yet ready for primetime. Too bad, I was looking forward to a VoodooPress overhaul, and a new series of posts about the things we could do with this new theme! BUt no matter, WP 3.4 will still bring a host of cool upgrades to our favourite CMS, and we’ll get 2012 soon enough to have fun with!

Fun 3d CSS3 Effect for wp-Pagenavi Plugin

Alright, this won’t be much of a tutorial per se. I’ve just been messing around a fair bit with a sh’load of code lately. I’m trying to overhaul my blog. Thing is, I’m not good at this stuff. I guess I’m not a designer. I can figure out how to code what I want… I just don’t know what I want. This is gonna take months. I figured I’d share some fun stuff as I make it up! So here is something for the popular wp-pagenavi plugin!

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Post Formats and Developers, Why so Slow on the Uptake?

Well recently I’ve been looking at overhauling my personal blog. At first, I really didn’t feel like starting from scratch. I was hoping to grab a great theme, and rework it for my needs. Something I noticed, not a lot of people have quality post format support yet. What gives? When I realized that I would have to rework a theme to include post formats, and style each of those differently, that was a fair bit of work. I might as well just do the whole thing myself.

There’s my question, why aren’t post formats getting some quality lovin’? I’d probably buy a theme if I could find more options with the formats.

Have you Filled Out Your Theme Madness 2011 Bracket Yet?

This is a fun contest. Wp Candy is running a contest, fill out your bracket for the 2011 Theme Madness and then participate in the competition. It’s a fun way to get involved in the community a bit, show support for your open source developers, and win yourself a sweet trophy! Note: The image used for this article is from WP Candy, not my own. It is the sweet trophy you could be displaying on your mantle!

Twenty Ten Child Theme CSS Wrapup

We have spent several tutorials customizing our Voodoo Child Twenty Ten Child Theme. We’ve done some customizing to our functions.php, header.php and style.css. If you’ve followed along you may want to compare notes. Back on this post we reviewed our header.php fully. I’m just making this post so you can take a look at my css so far in case you would like to compare. It’s got all the changes we’ve made in it so far. Header changes, width changes, removing site title, etc. Here it is:

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Custom Styling for Our Post Formats On Our Child Theme

This is pretty much the last step in getting our child theme set up. As in the basic styling. Before I start to dig in and see what I can accomplish, I had to take care of the basic styling. So we have a pretty complete child theme, and we’ve gained some real useful knowledge on how things work. Let’s just take a look at one last thing, let’s get those post formats styled. We recently learned how to add in all of the post formats to our child theme if we wanted to, but now we want to make them really stand out.

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Wrapping the Widgets in a Nice CSS3 Box

I like the way our Twenty Ten child theme looks after making it a bit wider. Everything has opened up, the widgets especially don’t look so cramped. However, I still don’t feel like they stand out enough. I find that things just kind of look like they are floating over there, competing with the content and looking a bit out of place. I think a great way to take care of that would be to just wrap them up in their own nice little box. Let’s take a look at some simple css.

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Changing the Width of a TwentyTen Child Theme

One thing I noticed about the TwentyTen theme, is that everything is a bit too narrow for my personal preference. The widget column, the post area, the theme overall. So I decided to go ahead and make everything just a bit wider. I like my themes to always be around 1010px wide. But by default, TwentyTen is only 940px wide. I thought making the theme a bit wider would look nicer, and also allow me to make the sidebar a bit wider. This is a very simple edit, but be forewarned….. there’s math involved!

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