WordPress Top 100 Resources From WHdb

While I’m busy posting up links to help me find articles later, here’s another good one. A list of 100 (plus some bonus links) WordPress related resources for you. It’s a good list, many of these are in my daily RSS reader list. Unfortunately, VoodooPress hasn’t made the cut. But, as I mentioned a while ago, while I’m working on my Master’s degree a lot of my content output suffers. That’s cool, I’ll be back full time soon enough! Until then, why not check out this list. Let me know what you think! See anything missing? Suggest it, the list is curated and will be updated. Did you make the cut?

Posting on WordPress From the Front End

We’ve had an ongoing series of posts related to posting from the front end on WordPress. Even expanding on that to include editing and deleting. Those were very popular posts, and helped a lot of people. I wanted to guide people to an exciting series of tutorials that is ongoing on WPTuts+ right now. Check out this series for some new information and tutorials for your front end posting needs. I haven’t had much time lately to work on that series, but I think you will find plenty of information in that tutorial to improve your code, and to learn from!

Let me know what you think of that tutorial? Does it work for you?

What VoodooPress is Learning From

I was thinking it would be a cool idea to have a periodic post on VoodooPress. Sort of like a round-up type post. But not on any set schedule. My thinking is that this will be as useful to me as to our readers. Throughout the week, I read some really useful posts. I don’t need the info right at that moment, but I know I will. Then when the time comes where I need that post, I forget where I read it. So I’m going to start posting some cool links for folks to be able to read up on some really great info out and about the WordPress community!