WordPress 3.9, Smith, was Just Dropped to the Masses – Time for an Update

I just noticed that WordPress 3.9 has been released. I swung through all of my sites and got everything upgraded. So far, I haven’t found any issues! I recommend you check out the release post here and get to your updates! There are some mighty fine looking enhancements this time around! I haven’t had the chance to fully play with everything yet, but we are looking at better overall media handling, image replacement, image loading, and image editing as well as a much improved gallery feature, and crazy cool audio/video features like playlists! To help you style everything, the widgets and headers got some live preview love, while the theme browser is looking mighty fine!

Go get yourself some brand new WordPress and let me know what you think!!

Jetpack Allows for Auto Sharing Your Content to Google+

I have been waiting forever for this capability! With the update to jetpack 2.7 that was recently announced on the Jetpack site, we finally get our content sent right over to Google+! How cool is that? I like to share my content far and wide whenever I publish – Facebook and Twitter got my content automatically, but I always had to remember (and often forgot) to manually post to Google+. No more, it’s built in! Give your plugin and update and test it out. What do you think?

InfiniteWP Hits Version 2.0, Major Upgrades and Coolness!

A while back, we gave the Voodoo Review to InfiniteWP and I liked what I saw from launch. There are a variety of managing options for WordPress, but InfiniteWP was a bit different. I got to keep it in-house, this installs on my own server, uses my own URL, and manages everything. From the start we could upgrade WordPress, update plugins and themes, and run backups. But I just finished upgrading my install of InfiniteWP, and I like what I see.

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bbPress Upgrades to 2.1, Gives Us the WP Editor

bbPress 2.1 has been released to the wild. It’s the forum plugin we use here on VoodooPress. If you are interested in everything included with this update, you can check out the post on bbpress.org. I’ll tell you right now, the first thing that I enjoy with this update is that we get the normal tiny mce visual/html editor that WP users are so familiar with. That right there is awesome news to me! Give it a try over here on the VoodooPress forums, if you like!

InfiniteWP – The Voodoo Review

It’s been a fun week here at VoodooPress. I’m pretty new to the whole reviewing thing. But I really enjoy learning about anything to do with WordPress, and I love passing the info to all of you. This time I was approached by the Infinite WordPress (InfiniteWP)  folks to review their product. This is a new product, and I can definitely see a future here. I can tell you now, I’m keeping it installed, and I’m excited to see where this goes! If you are interested at all in a central way to manage your installs, read on! (Just a note, this is NOT a paid review – these are my honest thoughts after trying InfiniteWP out)

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New VoodooPress Blackberry App, And Android App Update

We have had our VoodooPress Android app available for a little bit now. You can download it through the link or code on this post. The link in that post points to the newly updated VoodooPress Android app. Comenting still doesn’t work for me. I’ll ask the devs about that. However, new post notifications do work, cool!

Now, on to the main point of this post. Our Blackberry app is available! Scan the code to the left or click here to grab our Blackberry app. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a Blackberry to test this on. But if you do, and you try it out, I’d love some feedback! Hopefully we will have commenting very soon on the Android app. It’s a necessary feature for sure!

WordPress 3.2.1 is Out Now for Your Updating Enjoyment!

I know what you’re saying, 3.2 just came out less than 2 weeks. But that is the dedication of the WordPress community! If it’s broken, they’re going to fix it! So it’s time to get yourself up to date with the 3.2.1 release which has a few fixes, including:

  • Fixes for a server JSON incompatibility
  • Some fixes to the admin panel
  • And tweaks to twentyeleven

This is obviously the first upgrade since the release of 3.2, which included improvements to the handling of upgrades. My upgrade went off without a hitch, and seemed to be much faster! Get your update on my VoodooPress peeps!