VoodooChild 2011 and the Associated Voodoo Functionality Plugin

OK, we’ve done a good deal of stuff to our twentyeleven child theme already. Changed widths, changed layout, reworked the header to fit our needs, even added an index page widget and 2 new sidebars to the single view. That’s a lot of stuff. I’ve covered it all in various tutorials here on VoodooPress, but maybe you work better with all the code right in front of you? Well you are in luck…I guess? Here’s the VoodooChild2011 and associated Voodoo Functionality plugin. I believe I have properly done function checks in my theme, so that it can run without the plugin. But to get full functionality, the theme works best with the plugin.

I don’t necessarilly recommend you run both of these on your install. For instance, the plugin does some stuff specific to me. It brings in my favicon. It also has a widget linking to my feedburner, twitter, and facebook pages, and displays my followers. It’s all hardcoded in, because this is, after all, my personal plugin. There’s also specific stuff linking to the STC and SFC plugins. It also adds in Google’s +1 stuff. So tear the code apart and see what you can get from it. The zip file below will have 2 zip files within, one is the plugin, one is the child theme. I hope you can grab bits and pieces from it and have a good time!

As a note, since this post was published, I have made some changes to my code. Check out this link to see the new code, relating to changing header image sizes by adding a filter.

DO NOT try to just install the zip file you download. It contains a folder with the plugin and theme zips inside it. Those individual zips may be installed, but as I mentioned, it may be better to just pick apart the code rather than use the whole thing.

Download VoodooChild 2011

4 Replies to “VoodooChild 2011 and the Associated Voodoo Functionality Plugin”

  1. Testing code in the comments. I wonder if my plugin works here too?

    add_action( 'comment_form', 'voodoo_comments_code' );
    function voodoo_comments_code() {
    	echo '<p>' . __( 'To post code in your comments, simply wrap it in language tags.' ) . '</p>';
  2. ATTENTION EVERYONE…. if I wasn’t clear, this plugin isn’t meant to just be used on your site. I don’t know how to be much more clear. I’ve had a couple reports that my plugin is incompatible with the links manager….. READ THROUGH THE CODE. it is commented well. THIS IS NOT A BUG… I did that on purpose. I don’t see the point of the link manager, so I removed it. Just delete that block of code, it will work again!!! promise!!! I just released this code to learn from!!

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