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VoodooPress Interesting Links

Here’s the first in a hopefully useful series of posts here on VoodooPress. I’m going to try to do this weekly, but no promises! I’m going to keep a draft post running, and add in cool links I find. These are things that’ll be hopefully useful to you. But they are also being kept as reference for me! I know I’ll want to find a lot of this info in the future. Let’s take a look at what caught my eye this week:

  • WpMods has a really cool article about querying posts by meta data. The 3.1 release of WordPress brought about some great changes to querying posts using meta data. I use some custom queries on my personal site, and the examples given in this write-up look extra cool for my shop!
  • WPCandy has launched a discussion forum. Seems they had the same idea as we did here on VoodooPress. With the new bbPress plugin, it seems like a great time to test the plugin, and maybe consider a forum. I launched the VoodooPress forum much in the same way…. as a place to talk about WordPress, and just a place for chat. Just see where it goes. (Of course the forum actually works over there…. VoodooPress forums will be working once WP 3.2 launches and I switch to the new twenty eleven theme).
  • WPEngineer had a really informative post about localisation. Great technical info about translation, and what _e, _x, etc all mean.
  • DevPress may have ruined a weekend or two for me with this post. Check out really cool options for version control, etc while running a local development version and a live version of your site.
  • Otto has been hard at work on Simple Facebook Connect (SFC) 1.0. It needs upgraded to be compatible with new stuff on the FaceBook end. Plus we’re going to get some cool new features added in. This is definitely my favourite FaceBook plugin, check it out!

Now, if you find more links that we should be posting up, send em my way. The posts don’t have to be fresh necessarily. My goal is to just have a collection of useful links for people to find.