VoodooPress Now Runs a 2013 Child Theme

VoodooPress has always been a great resource for customizing those child themes. We always run the latest default theme from WordPress and have some fun tweaking it up a bit. In the spirit of that, we’ve thrown the switch and have a 2013 child theme. Not much is done yet, just the basic functionality. Stay tuned, we will be fully customizing the site over the coming weeks – making things wider, playing with the header, changing the colour scheme. It’s all in the works!

One Reply to “VoodooPress Now Runs a 2013 Child Theme”

  1. Looks great, Your’s tips had been of great help to make my website look damn cool, http://technikaly.com
    Talking about 2013 child theme, the sidebar here appears to overlap some design element, the article-content width is also a bit narrower, The search bar when clicked in main-navigation overlaps the menu items, responsiveness is good, hope you would figure out and find nice solutions.
    Inspired a lot from you.

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